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Boom secrete out-Fortune Charumbira is a Zanupf Agent!

20 Nov 2021 at 16:39hrs | Views
The person responsible for blowing Chiefs Council President, Fortune Charumbira's cover is none other than himself. He did it in broad day light at a Zanupf annual conference last month. And this he said in defiance of the Zimbabwe constitution and without fear of the consequences.

"We come as owners of the party".

"On behalf of all chiefs and headmen, I want to say, we are together with Zanu PF," Charmubira said.

"We got invited through a letter and that letter showed who we are. We were invited as delegates, but if you go to the start, we are the owners of Zanu PF."

At MLO, we thank Chief Fortune Charumbira for the declaration and clarification which was an eye opener especially to the people of Matabeleland who were not aware of the hidden link between Zanupf and the Chiefs' s Council. We have never been so happy. That is one good thing about Shona people. They are pathological liars but cannon keep big secretes in their chests for a long time.

When Chief Charumbira was running up and down in Matabeleland pretending to solve Matabeleland genocide, quite a few in Matabeleland knew that the self confessed Zanupf agent was doing the opposite. He was actually doing the PR for Matabeleland genocide perpetrators to avoid accountability, truth and justice. Now it is clear to everyone why Matabeleland genocide architect, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has roped in traditional leaders to deal with Matabeleland genocide.

Owners of Zanupf have been tasked to rescue Zanupf members who are genocide perpetrators from facing justice.

We are also happy that it is not all Matabeleland chiefs that have fallen into this evil nonsense.  It is just a few money loving Judases who have been boght to support the idea. Patriotic and loyal Matabele chiefs have gone as far as sharing sensitive information with us that desperate Mnangagwa has poured thousands of US dollars as bribe to sway Matabeleland traditional chiefs to support his sick Matabeleland genocide program.

Now that Chief Fortune Charumbira  has blown the lid,  he must be banned from visiting Matabeleland and talking about Matabeleland genocide. The same should apply to all Zanupf owners or traditional chiefs from Mashonaland and the Judases (a few traditional chiefs from Matabeleland who have sold out on Matabeleland genocide by accepting bribes from Matabeleland genocide perpetrators).

Judases from Matabeleland should know that the traditional institution in Matabeleland is sacred and precedes Zimbabwe, Zanupf and the constitution of Zimbabwe. This institution was established by the founders of Matabele nation ie King Mzilikazi and Mambo and maintained by King Lobengula.

Allowing an agent of Shona supremacy like Chief Fortune Charumbira to pull it down to the level of Zanupf, a Shona supremacist and tribalist political party that penciled the slaughtering, raping and oppression of Matabele people is an insult to King Mzilikazi, Mambo, Lobengula and the people of Matabeleland.

By and large, Zanupf is a tribal terrorist organisation cum political party that was formed by tribalists and Shona supremacists in 1963 for the sole purpose of serving Shona interests. Zimbabwe, a fake state formed in the image of Rhodesia on April 18, 1980 is a fiefdom of Shona supremacy. The Zimbabwe constitution written and adopted in 2013 serves nothing above narrow Shona interests.

MLO will not leave a stone unturned in pursuit of Matabeleland independence and sovereignty. Right now, we know that all is not well in our enemy camp. They are fighting a little but lethal tribal war. At the center of the tribal fights is political power and national resources up for stealing. When tribalism has come back to haunt tribalists!

 Mnangagwa wants to maintain political power on behalf Karanga tribe. The power was seized through unconstitutional means. Through a military coup to be presise.   Constantino Chiwenga and Savior Kasukuwere want it for Zezuru/Korekore Allience. It slipped out of their hands because of disunity and lack of political knowledge.

Their meetings are punctuated by political bickering and gunshots. No one is prepared to listen to the other.

Another window of opportunity has opened for Matabeles. Can we afford to let it go? No we cannot.

Matabeleland says no to the owners of the beast called Zanupf.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Puplic Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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