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'Dont re-ignite gukurahundi', Mnangagwa threatens Matabeles with second genocide

26 Dec 2021 at 04:48hrs | Views
"As we give space to our traditional leaders to lead processes of reconciliation and repair, we should guard against those negative elements which aim to re-ignite frozen differences to throw us back into renewed conflict. As always there are sinister forces which seek to profit from a divided and divisive past. They must not succeed", said genocidal President of Zimbabwe in a little veiled threat to commit second Matabele genocide.

Matabeleland Liberation Organisation which is the last line of defence for the vulnerable masses of Matabele people does not take kindly or lightly such threats especially if said by a well known genocidist whose hands are dripping and body smelling of innocent Matabele blood.

This shows that Zimbabwe is a very dangerous space to live in for the people of Matabeleland. Demanding the restoration of Matabeleland state and compensation of US$100 billion for Matabeleland genocide cannot be viewed as re-ignition of Matabeleland genocide except in the minds of mass tribal slaughters. They have gone unpunished for committing genocide in Matabeleland and have seen that as a way of cheering them on to go ahead and murder more innocent Matabele civilians.

We will not shack with fear as a result of Mnangagwa's genocide threat but we will shake Zimbabwe by defending ourselves with our own blood.

Thanks to Mnangagwa and other Shona supremacists who made it a point soon after taking power in 1980 that Matabele people were unwanted cockroaches that needed to be wiped out and Shonas are owners of Zimbabwe that should tribally dominate Matabeles. The very Zimbabwe is divided and disintegrating into two states under their watch.

On one hand Shona supremacists and their Shona supporters want to maintain the status quo.That is, they want fake the unitary state to remain so that they continue oppressing, abusing and slaughtering Matabele.

On the other hand Matabele are demanding the restoration of Matabeleland state so that they practice their God given right of self determination and enjoy freedom that comes with it.

Which chiefs must we give space to lead processes of reconciliation? Is it the sorry group led by Chief Fortune Charumbira of Mashonaland who recently confessed in a Zanupf conference that they (Zimbabwe Traditional Chiefs) are owners of Zanupf? Only fools will waste their time listening to Zanupf agents masquerading as traditional chiefs. Matabeles are not so gullible to be deceived by idiotic acts of conered genocide perpetrators who are so scared to face music for slaughtering innocent Matabeles.

The President of Zimbabwe is not even ashamed to refer to such clear acts of genocide as a 'conflict'. So the government of Zimbabwe was at war with innocent Matabele civilians that included defenceless women, old people, children, born and unborn? What a shame!

A genocide perpetrator like Mnangagwa cannot teach the victims how to mourn their beloved ones, force them to heal, forgive and forget. He and his fellow Shona supremacists enablers and supporters must know that whatever they say about Matabele genocide annoys the people of Matabeleland big time.

 We know that, out of tribal hate, the Shona supremacists that included late President Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Joice Mujuru and many others went around the world in search of the country that uses the most cruel means of killing its own citizens. They found it in the form of North Korea where an official is executed publicly using an anti- aircraft gun for merely falling asleep in a rally attended by the head of state. Parents and relatives of the poor victim are then forced to sit in the front row to watch the gruesome murder of their loved one.

Mnangagwa and fellow Shona supremacists fell in love with this kind of brutality and immediately imported it into Zimbabwe as best means to annihilate Matabele nation. Military instructors from North Korea were hired by the government of Zimbabwe to impart their brutal tactics to the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade that was deployed into Matabeleland without delay.

Stomach turning acts of brutality were soon reported in Matabeleland. Lactating mothers still weak after giving birth were forced to crush to death their new born babies using maize pounders. Pregnant women had their stomachs ripped apart with knives while alive "to see the dissident inside" . Some women had their private parts burned with plastic in the presents of their relatives, husbands and children.

This way, more than 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians lost their lives in the only genocide committed by blacks against blacks in Southern Africa. More than 100 000 Matabele women including children were raped, more than 100 000 Matabele homes were burnt down, more than 300 000 Matabeles were maimed. More than 1 million Matabeles were displaced into neighbouring countries like South Africa and Botswana. We will never forget and we will never be forced to forgive!

If you thought that the genocide has stopped think again! It continues in the not so covert ways. More than 4 million Matabeles that remain in Zimbabwe suffer tribal marginalization in terms of development, politics, economics, higher education, in the labour market and socially. The aim is still the same, to destroy Matabele nation and prepare them as heard boys, garden boys and maids for Shona people.

All genocidairs are cowards. Around this time a long time ago in Judea, one scared genocidist, King Herod, was plotting to massacre all infants born in Bethlehem in an attempt to murder baby Jesus whom he was afraid of.

In December of 2021 another mass murderer in Harare, Emmerson Mnangagwa, scared to face justice for committing genocide in Matabeleland, scared of unrelenting calls for the restoration of Matabeleland state, scared of the powerful Matabele nation, scared of infants and even unborn Matabele child, is threatening second genocide to annihilate Matabele nation.

This calls for Matabeles to stand up unite and defend themselves. Never again shall Matabeles suffer genocide at the hands of Shona supremacists! We shall defend ourselves until the last drop of our blood.

The only acceptable solution from Zimbabwe government is Matabeleland restoration and US$100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - Israel Dube
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