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Malema now an advocate of xenophobia

by Njabulo
21 Jan 2022 at 08:54hrs | Views
Malema has double standards. He is trying to please South Africans, at the expense of Zimbabweans. At first he abhorred Xenophobia, but now he is motivating other South Africans to hate foreigners. Those employers that are foreigners, that he is confronting, are being unfairly treated by Malema and his rogues.

They are purporting to pursue a good idea of equality in all jobs, yet their agenda is that of pursuing xenophobia. It is clear to all reasonable people that there is a hidden agenda to incite xenophobia in SA by Malema and his rogues.

The bad thing about that, is that the Minister of Labour and the incumbent government, is supporting that move by Malema. That is very bad. The international community must stop that madness and xenophobia. There is no difference between the former colonisers of SA and the black folk South Africans. The war of liberation in SA, was fought to bring to an end such kind of actions by others, that were aimed at discriminating against others, based on their nationality. It appears that Malema wants to perpetuate that ideology of the former colonisers.

If SA is not careful, the international community will institute sanctions against SA and its citizens. After all there are many South Africans that are domiciled in other countries. How will they feel if they are treated in the same way that they are treating foreigners in their own state?. That nonsense or lawlessness has to be stopped as soon as is practicably possible. The rule of law must be observed in SA. The human rights of foreigners living and working in SA, must not be violated.

Article by Njabulo libertyatliberty at gmail dot com

Source - Njabulo
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