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Tribalist Chamisa flies into a storm in South Africa

01 Feb 2022 at 17:31hrs | Views
Soon after launching his anti- Matabele party in Zimbabwe, President of the so called Citizens Coalition for Change, Nelson Chamisa ran to the South African media to put a threat, telling SABCTV in an interview that if South Africa does not assist him to take power in Zimbabwe then Zimbabweans will continue to flock into South Africa seeking greener pastures. He further claimed that Zimbabwe helped South Africa to get independence from apartheid so it is SA's turn to help Zimbabwe. But most South African citizens could not take it anymore when he proposed that Africa must do away with borders.

Unbeknown to him, South African citizens clealy understand the Zimbabwean political situation far much better than him.They took to social media to quickly remind him that Zimbabwe under the Zanupf government never assisted South Africa. Instead, the ZANU government paid lip service on the South African struggle by day but fully collaborated with the apartheid regime by night to stop South Africans from getting their independence. Some put it to him that South Africas cannot be threatened or held to ransom by him.

Apparently, the Zimbabwe political situation is too complicated for the power hungry tribalist Chamisa to solve. He is too drunk with little opposition power and Shona supremacy to read the clear writting on the wall in Matabeleland, "The Republic of Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not The Republic of Matabeleland". He cannot even notice the behavioural change towards Shona supremacism and arrogance in the SADC region and beyond. Shonas believe they have to control SADC countries and should enjoy special status treatment different from other nationals of SADC countries.The Shona Grand Plan  for Southern Africa  attest to this.

Zimbabwe's number one problem is the Shona supremacist system which promotes Shona people to the status of Hitler's mythical aryan race. This Shona tribe foolishly believes that it is the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, superior to all other tribes and races and holds the title deeds to Zimbabwe. Yet we know that they are of Hutu stalk that walked all the way from Burundi after they were sent packing for practising witch-craft.

It holds a stupid belief that Matabeles are foreigners in Zimbabwe that should be wiped out of earth, hence Matabeleland genocide of 1980-87 where more than 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians including children, both unborn and born, defenseless women and old people were dastardly slaughtered like animals by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade for being Matabele. It believes that more than 4 million Matabeles that remain in Zimbabwe must be tribally oppressed, tribally segregated in the instituitions of higher learning, in politics, economics, labour market and development wise. "In order to weaken Ndebeles, deprive them of an education ", wrote former Zimbabwe Minister of Information, late Nathan Shamuyarira in the Grand Plan of 1979. An evil blue print that spells out how Matabeles must be tribally marginalised in all spheres of life.

This tribe believes that all properties including farms and privately owned companies in Zimbabwe belong to them, hence the chaotic farm grabes and the indigenous law passed in order for Shona people to grab 50% ownership of all white owned companies.

 The problem in Zimbabwe is not the boders but it is the DNA of corruption and theft in the Shona people. Only Matabele of white man can save Zimbabwe economy from Shona looters.

Unfortunately Chamisa's new party CCC, is one of those Mashonaland political projects founded on Shona supremacy and tribalism. As is the norm with tribalistic Shona projects all stratagic positions in the CCC belong to Shonas. The highest position in the party, l mean that of the President, is already taken by Chamisa without vote. This is dangerous cult of personality that is built around him by Shonas surrounding him. All regalia and documents including his supporters under wear carry his picture. His is referred to as Chamisa chete chete (Chamisa and only Chamisa). Ngaapinde hake mukomana (the young man must take over). Everything revolves around him. CCC is Chamisa and Chamisa is CCC. Without Chamisa there is no CCC. Chamisa is the driver of the new Shona supremacist yellow wagon.

This kind of political madness is not new to us. We know of Robert Mugabe the founder of Shona supremacy and everything that is politically wrong in Zimbabwe. He was called the political genius of Africa, sweet cremora, fountain of wisdom and he owned ZanuPf. All Zanupf regalia beared his signature and pictures. Zimbabwe was like his private enclave and did not shy away from telling former Uk Prime Minister to "keep your Britain and l will keep my Zimbabwe".

But it all ended in tears. He became too big a political monster that it took 29 000 of Zimbabwe's military personnel armed with Aks and tankers to overthrow him through a military coup of 2017. But the damage was already done. He left a trail of destruction. He left a deeply divided Zimbabwe on the verge of a split into two seperate states, Republic of Matabeleland and Mashonaland aka Zimbabwe. He left an unresolved Matabeleland genocide issue. He left a failed state without its own currency and a nose diving economy. Nelson Chamisa, ridding on his CCC Shona supremacist yellow wagon, is speeding towards the same humiliating end.

How can he fix Zimbabwe when he cannot fix the politics of Shona supremacy in his own party? Where does he get the audacity to tell South Africa to open their borders for Shonas when he is treating Matabeles like foreigners in the land of their forefathers? All slogans in his party are in Shona language and so are his praises- Chamisa chete chete, ngaapinde hake Mukomana. Nonsense!

Chamisa fails to understand that Zimbabwe is currently divided into two states, The Republic of Matabeleland and Mashonaland aka Zimbabwe which have different political aspirations and grievances.

Shonas in the opposition want regime change but keep Shona supremacist system so that they continue to loot state resources and oppress Matabeles. Those in the ruling party want to maintain the status quo for the same reasons of maintaining Shona supremacism, pillaging and plundering of state resources.

Matabeles have a mountain of grievances against the Shona supremacism as a whole, that is, those in the opposition and ruling party. We are demanding the immediate restoration of Matabeleland state. We are demanding US$100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide, oppression of Matabeles, looting of Matabeleland resources and exploitation of Matabeleland citizens for 43 years.

For us, the people of Matabeleland, regime change or internal coup in Zanupf is not a solution to our grivances as any Zimbabwe Shona supremacist project whether it is CCC or Zanupf will continue to oppress, abuse and murder us. Chamisa's history of hatred and violence against Matabeles is well documented. He sent MDC youth in 2005 to beat up Welshman Ncube, then Secretary General of MDC ,Gibson Sibanda and others and they were chased out of Harare resulting in the first tribal split of the MDC. 3 years back, after taking over MDC T through a coup, he sent the MDC youth again to beat up Thokozani Khupe and burn her in thatched hut. The rain that extinguished the fire saved Khuphe's life on that fateful day. She was called a dissident and told to go back to Matabeleland because she will never be allowed to lead Shonas. Little dictator and tribalist Chamisa is also known for imposing Shona candidates in Matabeleland like Kambarami the former Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo who steals everything from tenders to electric cables. Even the CCC is an idea that has been stolen. "CCC and the colours, blue and yellow belong to us", a shocked Mr Zhou, Secretary General of Citizens Convergence for Change - CCC, wrote to the ZEC, threatening to sue. What is it that Shonas do not steal? Shame!

The restoration of an independent and sovereign state of Matabeleland is the best solution.

We could not help but only laugh when Chamisa shouted and screamed in an interview with SABCTV, "who told you that the boundary at limpopo river is an indicator of our division?. We knew that he was indirectly attacking Matabeleland restoration cause.

This must sink into his head and those of other Shona supremacists, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia are tightening their borders to protect their citizens. Ok. What you have seen is little so far. The big one is coming. The Republic of Matabeleland will restore the Jameson Line Border between Matabeleland and Mashonaland. The boundary wall will be so high that even the eagle at its prime would not be able to fly over it.

Matabeleland cause will not fail. Where negotiations fail, the barrel of the gun will deliver our independence.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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