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Sexual exploitation of women as community relations chairman declare a job for a thigh

23 Feb 2022 at 19:20hrs | Views

We write to highlight the unbecoming behavior of Murowa Community Relations Committee Chairman and the exploitation of women employees at Murowa Diamonds. The open zip chairman has declared a job for sex policy targeting aspiring lady employees including married women. The chairman's actions have led to marriage break ups, untold suffering, stress and trauma especially to the young victims. The chairman is taking advantage of the economic hardships currently obtaining in Zimbabwe and therefore uses his position as "the community employment officer" to exploit job seekers. Their male counterparts are made to part with hard currency or at least a goat.

The chairman is said to be the recruitment agent for for other senior employees at the mine. Women sexual exploitation is rampant at Murowa Diamonds mine due to it's mode of operation. The boarding-commute system whereby employees stay at the mine site for 14 days without their spouses, that's denying the married employees their right to conjugal rights resulting in the sex starved employees quenching their sex thirsty on their fellow employees. The scenario has resulted in astronomically high cases of STDs resulting in a large number of foreign contractors being also infected.

The vulnerable women employees find themselves in a a really dilemma for once they refuse these sexual advances their contracts are terminated immediately. So to prolong their contracts the women have no choice but to give in to this sexual exploitation. There is urgent need for the government and women rights groups to stop this exploitation of women by these sex maniacs who can't respect the sacred sanctity of marriage. Murowa Diamonds has brought a lot of suffering to the community; sexual exploitation of our poor women, cracking of houses due to heavy blasting, water, air and noise pollution due to mining operations and fencing off of our grazing land.

The community has not enjoyed any tangible benefit from this company as most employees are hired from farawy provinces reducing the locals to sex pleasers or casual labourers who do those dirty menial jobs. How the mine employs personnel on a contract basis for years and years without pension is tantamount to modern day slavery. We pray for the day when this open zip chairman and the whole management leave the mine for maybe new personnel will bring about the much needed community development.

Stop exploitation of our women and diamonds.
Respect our women and give us development

Murowa Community Zvishavane

Source - Murowa Community Zvishavane
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