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Mwonzora's Zanu-PF antics started long time ago

26 Feb 2022 at 20:07hrs | Views
MDC T President Douglas Mwonzora who has vowed to work hand in hand with Zanu-PF idiots started his miscellaneous acts long time ago.

He came to the Opposition Party wearing Sheepskin. He came thinking that he would take and shift the people of Zimbabwe's focus of changing the status quo to a better Zimbabwe.

From the time he came to Opposition politics, he was never beaten just like other leaders by the Regime of Zanu-PF. However, he was  the chief strategist of internal violence in the Opposition.

In 2018, his team severely beat Chipinge Town Council ward 2 Councillor candidate Sarah Marwa Sithole and she was left nursing wounds, walking in clutches.

He can not be exonerated on the attempted murder of Manicaland Chairperson Prosper Mutseyami at Nandos in Mutare CBD.

He was left unconcious after sustaining a deep cut in the head.

After a heavy defeat on 2019 Congress, he saw an excuse to come out, tried to destabilise the Opposition but dismally failed after people rejected him.
He pressed an exit button in the name of Constitutionalism  with the help of Zanu-PF led Judiciary.

He took, MDC T, he took Harvest House, he took Political fund, he recalled Councillors and members of Parliament.

After Zanu-PF and incapable President of Zimbabwe announced By election, Mwonzora followed the name MDC Alliance, thinking that there is mass support in a mere name.

Just few hours before the nomination court, a joker was thrown by the ever loved, most popular and the only solution so far, Nelson Chamisa.

A new name was introduced, with new ideas and solutions for the new Zimbabwe. Citizens Coalition for Change proved to be more popular than Zanu-PF and MDC A-T when combined after a successful rally in Highfields, Zimbabwe grounds.

A week before, Zanu-PF agent Douglas Mwonzora had his rally which was poorly attended.

Those who know Douglas Mwonzora well, they can tell that he is a Zanu-PF stoogie masquerading as an opposition politicians.

His only mission is to stop the suffering Zimbabweans from getting freedom, free medication, affordable education tuition among other good things.
People of Zimbabwe must stop him from playing with their lives. He is enjoying in the current system for he is getting all he expects in life.

Pic below is of Sarah Marwa Sithole who was left walking in clutches by thugs led Mwonzora

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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