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Matabeleland does not need leaders from Mashonaland, we have our own

15 Mar 2022 at 13:03hrs | Views
"The buzz word "change" in Zimbabwe has generated hope and excitement that will deliver gloom and doom only to be felt and experienced after the elections. Removing Zanupf and E.D Mnangagwa is not Change but replacement moreso by people carrying the same DNA of stealing and corruption." An excellent observation by the outspoken MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela in his analysis of the Zimbabwe elections. Who said Matabeleland does not have leaders? 

The election season is upon us. It is only during this silly season in Zimbabwe that politicians from Harare, Mashonaland, emerge from their tribal cocoon, Harare, to visit Matabeleland in their numbers. As soon as they cross the Jameson Line (border between Matabeleland and Zimbabwe), they start shedding crocodile tears for Matabeleland genocide. Pretending to know our grievances better than us and our leaders. They make false promises to harvest votes and disappear soon after elections only to be seen during the next elections.

If the people of Mashonaland, in the ruling and opposition parties, have publicly refused to be led by Matabeles in the last 42 years, it means it is the right thing to do in Zimbabwe. Why then do we, Matabeles, allow ourselves to be led by Shonas? We must do the right thing and refuse to be led by Shonas. If Shona masses can chase away Matabele leaders like Joshua Nkomo, Welshman Ncube and Thokozani Khupe out of Mashonaland, charge Cde Paul Siwela with treason and hound him out of the country, humiliate Matabele leaders publicly saying that they do not want to be led by Matabele and that Matabeles must only lead in Matabeleland and no call them to order. It means it is the right thing to do. Why do we Matabeles, let Shona leaders address us and misrule us in  Matabeleland? We must do the right thing. Chase Shona leaders out of Matabeleland and tell them point blank that we do not want to be led by corrupt thieves and foreigners with a DNA of theft, corruption and witchcraft.

Matabeleland does not need a leader from Harare, Mashonaland, to lead us or solve our political problems. If there is anyone who will solve Matabeleland problems, it is Matabeleland people themselves. We have visionaries, very capable and competent leaders like Cde Paul Siwela to guide us solve our own political problems and develop our country, The Republic of Matabeleland.

CCC is preaching its usual gospel of regime change and the need for the resuscitation of the Zimbabwe economy which it says are national grievances. Anyone who raises any Matabeleland grievances within this anti- Matabele entity is labelled a regionalist or tribalist and violently kicked out of the party. ZANUPF is so possessed with its out-dated Unity Accord which is imposed on us. 

Unfortunately the two organisations look after Shona interests and their political ideas are out of touch and do not talk to Matabele masses. 

Zimbabwe government, the Butcher of Matabele people

ZANUPF led Zimbabwe government is Matabeleland's enemy number one. Mother of all political and economic problems in Matabeleland and Zimbabwe. Authors of Matabeleland genocide, Shona- Matabele tribal hate, Shona- Matabele tribal divisions, Shona supremacist system and tribal segregation of Matabeles through its evil document, the 1979 Grand Plan. One of its main policies is to see the total annihilation of Matabele people through genocide and any means possible. This mission is yet to be accomplished. 

We raise the red flag against it in Matabeleland. Give ZANUPF another 20 years of rule and there would be no Matabele people to talk about in Matabeleland and those who will be lucky to be alive would survive as poor slaves of Shona people. ZANUPF's education system prepares Matabeles to be Shona people's maids and garden boys. 

CCC is a ZANUPF Copycat

Citizens Coalition for Change or to be more precise, Chamisa Chete Chete (CCC), is MDC that shed its old skin. It remains the MDC we know which is a ZANUPF's copycat. Like ZANUPF,  MDC supports and promotes Shona supremacism, 1979 Grand Plan, Matabele tribal oppression, Matabele tribal segregation, hegemony and genocide against Matabeles . It's top structure resembles that of ZANUPF. The position of President is reserved for Shona people only and so are other top positions in the party. Several MDC splits that are based on Shona- Matabele tribal lines have culminated in Matabele leaders humiliated and chased out of Harare, Mashonaland. CCC shares the DNA of theft, corruption and witchcraft with ZANUPF. Rampant corruption and looting in the constituencies that they control and stealing of donor funds says a lot about them. 

This one is a snake in the tall grass in Matabeleland. It is more dangerous than ZANUPF. Red card to this anti- Matabele Shona supremacist organisation hiding behind the mask of democracy!

Zimbabwe Elections 

Zimbabwe elections are what we can call a "Shona supremacist's political trap" meant to catch Matabeles. Any Matabele who participates in them automatically legitimises the fictitious state called Zimbabwe, Shona supremacy, tribal oppression of Matabele people and all other political injustices against Matabele people. Out of 210 parliamentary seats in Zimbabwe Matabeleland is allocated only 38. 

This means that even if all opposition parties from Matabeleland form  an alliance and wipe out all seats in Matabeleland territory, they will still need Shona parliamentarians to vote with them to get 2 thirds majority to be able change or amend the Zimbabwe constitution that bans restoration of Matabeleland state, installation of Matabeleland King and devolution of power. 

We have to be honest here. No Shona will take away power from the hands of Shonas to free Matabeles from Shona oppression through a vote. Instead CCC and ZANUPF Shona MPs will put their differences aside and unite to vote against to save and maintain Shona supremacism over Matabele and win with more than 2 thirds majority. After which they will hold wild parties to celebrate like they did during Matabeleland genocide when Matabeles were being slaughtered like animals.

Remember, groans of people suffering in Matabeleland is cause for celebration and joy in Mashonaland. It has been like that for 42 years and it is not about to change.

The Statistical "Murder" of Matabeleland population 

Where the Zimbabwe government cannot use National Army 5th Brigade to depopulate the people of Matabeleland they use statistics. 

2012 enumeration exercise conducted by Zimbabwe National statistics Agency put City of Bulawayo population at 653 337. This number which showed a drop from 676 000 as per 2002 census and no growth of population in Bulawayo since 1992, was disputed by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC). It then took a bold step and conducted its own census in the high density suburbs. Despite the fact that the BCC census excluded the Bulawayo CBD and low density suburbs, the number was 1 124 368. So the population of Bulawayo was deliberately and scandalously cut down by half by the Zimbabwe Statistic Agency! How many other areas in Matabeleland were affected by this scandal and Why?

a) resources from central government are rolled out according to the population, clearly the numbers are manipulated in Matabeleland so that developmental projects in Matabeleland are underfunded to marginalise Matabeles

b) parliamentary seats are are allocated according to population so enumeration results in Matabeleland are cooked so that Matabeleland gets a few seats in the Zimbabwe parliament both upper and lower house. Population numbers are raised in Mashonaland to boost Shona majority in Parliament.

c) delimitation requires population and the number of people registered to vote

d) majority/ minority status of a tribe/race is measured through population. So the Zimbabwe government cuts down the population numbers in Matabeleland to maintain Shona supremacism and tribal oppression of Matabele people using majority status. Any Matabele who enters Zimbabwe elections walks into a well prepared trap. 

We no longer want to be ruled well by Shona people, but we want to govern ourselves. We do not need Shona leaders to develop Matabeleland, they have failed to do so in 42 years. We want to develop Matabeleland through the guidance of our own leaders. Anyone who is ignorant of the above facts is in for a rude awakening.

If Shonas are better leaders we challenge them to rescue Mashonaland AKA Zimbabwe from its current humiliating status of being a vendor economy without its own currency, failed state deserted by its own citizens and surviving on handouts. 

Izenzo kungemazw!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Informationand Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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