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Matabeles not interested in Zimbabwe independence celebrations in Bulawayo

15 Apr 2022 at 08:32hrs | Views
From on set, let us set the record straight. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. Zimbabwe/ Mashonaland, which voluntarily gave away its independence to the BSA Co on 13 September 1890, regained its independence from Britain on 18 April 1980. Matabeleland, which lost its independence and sovereignty to the BSA Co on 3 November 1893 after a vicious Anglo- Matabele war and later handed over to Mashonaland in 1980 as a gift by the British, is not yet independent. We were shifted from the hands of the white minority oppressor to those of the black Shona majority oppressors that are more ruthless and savagery than the whites. Falling from the pan into the fire!

Matabeles will hold their true independence celebrations in an independent and sovereign Republic of Matabeleland. Mnangagwa must keep Zimbabwe independence celebrations within the boundary of Mashonaland or Zimbabwe as has been the case since 1980. We do not want Zimbabwe independence celebrations in Matabeleland, we want out of Zimbabwe.

We have suffered 87 years under white minority oppressive rule ie from 1893 to 1980 and 42 years under the black apartheid Shona rule ie from 1980 to date. That is far much too long and our independence is overdue.

Zimbabwe unitary state, Zimbabwe nationality, identity, culture and symbols are imposed on us. We are Matabeles, we were always Matabeles and we will remain Matabeles by nationality. For us to be called Zimbabweans, whatever that means, is the highest form of degradation, humiliation and an insult.

Eliot Ziwira, Senior Writer at Herald, a state newspaper in Zimbabwe, was not even shy to write, " it is befitting that Zimbabweans celebrate 42 years of independence from white colonial rule for the first time outside Harare, precisely in Bulawayo under the theme: Leaving No One And No People Behind as the Second Republic takes every citizen on board.

The above statement, itself a poor spin by a state propagandist trying to act smart, is self admission and evidence that Matabeles have been tribally segregated and left out of all Zimbabwe important national events for 42 years, down- grading them to second class citizens. And that the Zimbabwe government through deception and lies is pretending to take Matabeles on board when the truth is that they are clutching at straws to prevent the restoration of Matabeleland state. Matabeles should beware of tribal oppressors who pretend to love them at the time when they are demanding their independence.

If the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe thinks that by bringing its meaningless and hollow independence celebrations to Matabeleland, it will stop us from demanding our independence from Zimbabwe we are very sorry to let them know that we will stand firm to our cause and even escalate it to a higher level.

We are happy that the President of Zimbabwe, Mr Mnangagwa did not only receive the Notice OF Demand For The Restoration Of Matabeleland State which was sent to him by MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela, but he has recognised it in not one, but two consecutive rallies.

As he will fly to Matabeleland Capital City, Bulawayo, on 18 April to celebrate the so called independence with the Shona people that his government has been deploying in accordance with the 1979 Grand Plan, he knows in his heart that this could be the last Zimbabwe independence event to be held in Matabeleland. He knows that he must prepare himself physically and psychologically to rule Zimbabwe without Matabeleland. He knows that his actions and political decisions going forward will determine a peaceful or violent separation of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe, he knows that him and his Shona supremacist government are now living on borrowed time in Matabeleland and must start packing to leave Matabeleland and never come back.

If they do not want to leave, the boys will be happy to assist them through a revolution. This they will do without regret, remorse or apology.

What are they celebrating anyway?

There is absolutely nothing to celebrate in Zimbabwe. Only Shona people who revel in the suffering of Matabele people will gather at Babourfields to feast and dance in celebration of Matabeleland genocide and subjugation of the people of Matabeleland. The only thing the government of Zimbabwe has achieved in the last 42 years.

The bread basket of Africa has been turned into the basket case of the world. Precariously sitting on the verge of a split into states, that is, The Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe, it is now a failed state saddled with a growing dept of over US$33 billion. Without its own currency which collapsed in 2009, it's economy is on a down ward spiral with no sign of recovery.

This is all thanks to greedy and selfish Shona people whose culture and DNA for stealing, corruption and witchcraft together with insatiable appetite for power, fame, opulence and extravagant life style explains how they brought down such a vibrant economy of Rhodesia which had the second highest GDP in Africa after South Africa.

Matabeleland is forced to pay this huge dept that is borrowed on our behalf but we did not benefit from it. Our good image and reputation is damaged as the unshameful Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe goes around the world collecting hand outs on our behalf. We are living as unwanted refugees around the world because of incompetent failures in Harare who believe that corruption and theft is self empowerment.

The writing is on the wall inside Mnangagwa's office, written not in tongues or parables but in simple and clear language.

 ¡) We demand the restoration of Matabeleland state as at 3 November 1893, that will join the family of nations as The Republic of Matabeleland

¡¡) We demand payment of One hundred Billion United States dollars reparation for Matebele Genocide committed by the Zimbabwe government through the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade, Central Intelligence Organisation ie CIO and Zimbabwe Republic Police Support Unit in 1981-87. This is a crime against humanity.

It is every oppressor's dream, Mr Mnangagwa included, to rule his oppressed forever. However many revolutions around the world, Zimbabwe revolution included, have proven that it is impossible to oppress a people forever.

We no longer want to be ruled well by Shona leaders because we have our own leaders like Paul Siwela to lead us. We do not want Zimbabwe independence celebrations in Matabeleland. What we want is the restoration of Matabeleland state that will join the family of nations as The Republic of Matabeleland.

Give us the Republic of Matabeleland or death!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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