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The Mundoza tree has become an oracle

08 May 2022 at 15:35hrs | Views
The two trees stand side by side as if nature's siblings, one a Casternabar and the other a 'Mutohwe'. One is domesticated and the other wild but they are both fruit trees.

Their combined canopies provide a soothing shade at the most popular watering hole at Chinehasha Business Centre so much that imbibers have monikered the seemingly 'one' tree Mundoza. A name captured and captioned by none other than the late great Zacks Manatsa.

In the dazzling and 'rocking' shade is an upended tree stump that now serves as a rustic camping table complete with engraved pigeon holes to hold beer bottles. When really sloshed, drunkards tend to lose balance thereby spilling the 'liquid chicken'. So, under the Mundoza tree, gossip, rumours and trending facts are discussed high and low, left and right. Thieving characters, cassanovas and bad debtors are all laid bare with no thread of restraint.

Adulterers and adulteresses are all mentioned by names. Ooh gosh! What is the wold coming to? At the forefront of misinformation and disinformation are beer poachers hoping to induce loosening of one's wallet strings. Do we have to stoop so low for a sip and gulp, your guess is as good as mine. From the way cast bones fall after being thrown by a diviner, the beer place cheer leader and gossiper usually gets away with a puppy 'Kambwa' or two for his motor-mouth effort. Under the Mundoza tree even constructive ideas and modern farming methods can be found.

The not so modern beer outlet has dwarfed established entities so much that voodoo science and convocations may come into play soon. Retired drunkards have come back into the fold, the Mundoza tree seem to cast a spell on those who rest, chat and drink under its canopy.  

A few 'churchionists', not necessarily Christians have been seen peeping  enviously over the perimeter barricade to see source of the cheer and laughter. This bar owner must open a night club, business is booming and there is no going back. When they say do not drink and drive, they fear one may spill the beer. All that is needed is moderation, do not drink like a fish or as if there is no tomorrow.

Remember school fees, rents etc. There is no excuse on being a father, there is no escape from fatherly responsibilities. Above all, pray ceaselessly. Even under the Mundoza tree, the Word is taught and preached to the spiritually mulnourished.

Cde Mutanda Wachingama. Chinehasha.

Source - Mutanda Wachingama
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