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Mashonaland Central needs Mnangagwa's intervention

01 Jul 2022 at 09:14hrs | Views
On the 26th of April 2018 Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana said, "A titanic battle in Mazowe West on Sunday. Tafadzwa Musarara vs Kazembe Kazembe. But Anastencia Mazikana, Chrispen Mataire, Richard Chiorongwe, Constance Sabau and Christopher Makwezva are not bridesmaids. Zanu PF primaries are more intriguing than most general elections."

Mangwana was commenting on the primary elections battle for the right to represent ZANU PF in Mazowe West.

Tafadzwa MUSARARA braved the weather and challenged Kazembe Raymond Kazembe for the Mazowe West constituency.

Musarara already had an upper hand as there is an entire village that bears his surname ,schools and his heritage and lineage is traceable in the constituency. While Kazembe was deemed as an outsider.

Musarara's home advantage did not augur well with Kazembe Kazembe who resorted to violence , intimidation and dirty tactics against Musarara.

Kazembe and his henchmen turned to violence against Musarara in the primary elections. The violence saw Musarara's 30 tonne truck and a Kombi destroyed and campaign material worth thousands of dollars looted. CID Bindura deployed three police officers who visited the scene and opened a docket under case number RRB 333861440.

The involvement of the police did not deter Kazembe and his supporters two Zanu PF activists in Mazowe West were convicted and jailed for looting mealie meal and flour worth $12 000 from businessman Tafadzwa Musarara's truck in Concession during the party primary elections .

The pair - Jonah Ngwenya (Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial transport secretary and Boyd Fungulani - were part of Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson and parliamentary candidate Kazembe Kazembe's campaign team.

The violence against Musarara worked and some of his followers were intimidated into participating in the primary elections.

The violence against Musarara worked and some of his followers were intimidated into boycotting the primary elections.

Violence again was used against Musarara in the ZANU PF DCC race in which Musarara ran against John Mudzonga who was Kazembe's campaign manager.

The defiant Musarara stood his ground and managed to win the DCC elections. Musarara was later asked by the people to run in the provincial chairmanship race.

Despite claims of rigging , intimidation and under handed tactics Musarara managed to secure over 17 000 votes. This was viewed as victory for Musarara as it was his first time running in the provincial race.

It is now apparent that there is a feud between Musarara and Kazembe and the feud seems to be far from over.

Kazembe has now called for a meeting which is meant to strip Musarara of his DCC chairmanship. The meeting is set to charge , prosecute and provide the sentence and execution over Musarara's political career.

Kazembe is now playing his cards to preserve his position ahead of the primary elections which precede the 2023 harmonized elections.

The feud between Musarara and Kazembe has played into the hands of Chamisa's CCC movement which is now plotting to reduce the ZANU PF margin in Mashonaland Central.

Mashonaland Central is a ZANU PF stronghold which has provided a clean sweep against the opposition. The Opposition merely has to reduce the ZANU PF margin in the strongholds and increase their wins in their areas to get a glimpse of victory in the 2023 polls.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to intervene and address the issues in Mashonaland Central and the issues in Mazowe West. This political hotbed if left alone will weaken the party In Mashonaland Central and derail the 5 million votes for ED.

Kazembe might have a legitimate claim to the provincial chairmanship as endorsed by the politburo but do people follow him , is he a leader leading the people? His failure to mobilize attendance to rallies and his near fist fights with politburo members who are senior to him indicates that Kazembe Kazembe does have a problem which needs to managed ahead of the elections.

There is need for a special indaba In Mashonaland Central to iron out the issues and ensure that the party emerges stronger , with clarity , unity and peace.

Please Your Excellency and the Presidium May you kindly addressed the issues in Mashonaland Central.

Source - Taurai Zhou
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