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'Only Chamisa and Kasukuwere can deliver us out of this hell!' Nonsense they're problem cannot be the solution too!

16 Jul 2022 at 20:24hrs | Views
"There are two people at the moment who can deliver Zimbabweans from where we find ourselves in, some of us are just helpers and we are only mobilising 10%. These two people are Nelson Chamisa and Saviour Kasukuwere," said Godfrey Tsenengamu leader of Front for Economic Emancipation (FEEZ) and former Zanu-PF youth leader.

Tsenengmu is third-rate thug and, like all third-rate thugs, he has the IQ of garden slug. His promotion to be Zanu PF Youth leader made him big headed and so thinks himself an authority in matters far, far beyond his intellectual ability. Here, he clearly does not know what he is talking about.

Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because the country has been stuck with a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship for 42 years and counting. How can either Saviour Kasukuwere and/or Nelson Chamisa get us out of the mess when they have played their part in landing us in the mess or keeping us there.
Kasukuwere is a seasoned Zanu PF thug who played his part in establishing and retaining Zanu PF as the de facto one-party state. Kasukuwere started his political career as a Zanu PF youth leader, just like Tsenengamu, and Mugabe promoted him to become one of the key members in his cabinet because he was a ruthless thug whom the dictator could count on to do his dirty work no questions asked.

Kasukuwere had to run for his life after the November 2017 military coup because he suddenly found himself on the losing G40 faction side. Someone had to lose!

If G40 had prevailed in November 2017, the country would have continued the disastrous road it had been travelling up to then. Mnangagwa and his Lacoste faction prevailed but the route did not change because the regime was still the same corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical dictatorship or be it under new management. If Kasukuwere was to stage a comeback and win the 2023 elections Zimbabwe will continue down the same disastrous path we are on under Mnangagwa.

To claim there is a difference between Mugabe and Mnangagwa or Mnangagwa and Kasukuwere is as nonsensical as mouse comparing a cobra to a black mamba – the two snakes are fatally deadly to mouse!

The people of Zimbabwe have risked and lost their property, freedom and over 500 lost their very lives in the 2008 operation "Mavhotera papi" (Whom did you vote for) alone electing MDC into power on the understanding the party will implement the democratic changes and end the Zanu PF dictatorship. MDC has failed to implement even one token reform in 22 years, 5 of which in the GNU.

Worse still, it is MDC now CCC that is keeping Zanu PF in power by insisting in participating in elections so flawed there is not even a verified voters' roll giving Zanu PF legitimacy. Zanu PF has given away a few urban gravy train seats as bait – a bribe MDC leaders have found irresistible!

To get out of this hell-on-earth we find ourselves in Zimbabwe must implement the democratic reforms and restore the democratic right of every Zimbabwean to a meaningful say in the governance of the country.
Chamisa's ethos of "winning rigged elections" is an oxymoronic nonsense because it grants Zanu PF carte blanche powers to rig the elections. His flagship strategy to register 6 million new voters to count Zanu PF's rigging is dead in the water already because CCC has only registered 250 000, 4% of their target.

Zanu PF is blatantly rigging the 2023 elections to win with yet another landslide. No doubt Chamisa will make the usual big song and dance complaining that Zanu PF rigged the elections. Again, no one with half a brain will listen to him because they know he is only addressing his naïve and gullible followers who don't know he knew about the rigging and participated regardless out of greed.

The only way CCC or anyone else can ever be in power in Zimbabwe without implementing the democratic reforms first, is if there are violent street protests and/or another military coup. Chamisa and company read stories of what is happening in Sri Lanka and can't wait to see it happen in Zimbabwe.

"Only Chamisa and Kasukuwere can deliver us from this hell!" Nonsense they landed us in this hell, they are the problem and cannot be the solution too!

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