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Mnangagwa too desperate

22 Jul 2022 at 06:43hrs | Views
POLITICAL survival remains democratic when the leader of a country is deriving their power from the masses.

Politics remains peaceful when those in power are running a successful economy, with everyone enjoying the fruits of their sweat.

Politics becomes nasty when those in leadership fail to get answers to economic implosion, like in the case with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Being a president of a country becomes a mammoth task when the economy is dead, like it is in Zimbabwe.

In the end, leaders see themselves wearing white garments more like a convict at gallows waiting to be hanged.

They go desperate pretending to be churchgoers when in reality they don't subscribe to the dictates of those churches.

They will be before a society with which they don't share anything in common, but are only there for votes.

Is this not the abuse of the pulpit by greedy church leaders and desperate politicians?

Mnangagwa is confused deep as Zimbabwe is faced with an economic meltdown.

One of it is you cannot consume what you did not produce. Others say politics does not rule the dictates of commerce, but in Zimbabwe, our president is deaf to such point-blank theories.

Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF government wear white garments given to them by fake prophets and worldly bishops thinking that will sort out the mess in our economy.

The Zanu-PF government switches on the propaganda button when it fails on its election promises, like creating over  three million jobs.

It's crystal clear that going to Johanne Marange sect, Nehemiah Mutendi's Zion Christian Church, Paul Mwazha's African Apostolic Church, Emmanuel Makandiwa' United Family International Church or which ever religious group will never stop the inflation from shooting through the roof because it is caused by disregarding simple economic principles.

Zanu-PF is printing money that does not have real value to finance its political shenanigans.

Chiefs are being given new cars, kraalheads are getting United States dollar allowances for them to campaign for the ruining party.

Vehicles are being bought for campaigns when hospitals don't have ambulances and drugs. Poorly remunerated police officers and soldiers are driving posh vehicles at work, but board overcrowded Zupco buses to and from work.

They live in poverty while they are forced to serve a non-caring government.

The problem in Zimbabwe is more economic than religious, so Mnangagwa must stop stooping so low and get to work.

If what he is doing is his best, then Zanu-PF must recall him from office.

He appointed a clueless Mthuli Ncube as Finance minister because he has presided over the worst economy in the history of Zimbabwe.

It is because of Ncube that Mnangagwa is now searching for economic solutions from clueless church leaders.

Political support for a leader in power is readily available if they walk the talk, and the economy remains vibrant.

That way, they are assured of getting votes. But alas, Mnangagwa has failed all those simple tests.

He is bringing back the National Youth Service programme so that he uses the poor young girls and boys for his campaigns.

Zimbabweans, this Mnangagwa-led government has nothing to offer.

It is now spending a lot of time at spirit medium shrines and poor bishops' churches. Let's vote it out come elections next year.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe
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