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'We're winning (2023) Big! Faka pressure!' claim Chamisa - Doesn't even know who is piling what pressure and on whom?

05 Aug 2022 at 09:44hrs | Views
For the first twenty years of our independence the nation trusted the late Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies whole heartedly, they were the liberation war heroes and heroines would could do no wrong! Even at the height of the 1983 to 1987 Gukurahundi massacre many ordinary Zimbabweans believed the Zanu PF propaganda because they found the truth too bitter to swallow.

Still, by the late 1990s the evidence that Mugabe and his cronies were corrupt, incompetent and murderous thugs was a mountain high and impossible to ignore. The nation realised that as long as Zanu PF retained its carte blanche dictatorial powers including powers to rig the elections the nation will be stuck with the regime. The solution was to implement the democratic reforms designed to take away the regime's dictatorial powers.

The also now late Morgan Tsvangirai and company launched their political party calling it Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), riding on the national mood and promising to deliver the democratic changes the nation was dying for. For the last 22 years the people of his Zimbabwe have risked life and limb, the price one has to pay for rejecting Zanu PF, to elect the MDC leaders into power.

After 22 years, 5 of which in the 2008 to 2013 GNU, MDC has failed to implement even one democratic change. Worse still, by insisting on participating in flawed and illegal elections MDC leaders have been giving Sadc the feeble excuse, "If Zimbabweans are happy with rigged elections, who are we to object!", to give Zanu PF legitimacy.

MDC leaders were supposed to implement the democratic changes necessary to end the Zanu PF dictatorship; they not only wasted many golden opportunities to implement the reforms but, worse still, they are now the ones frustrating all those trying to get the reforms implemented. This is real the stuff of nightmares!
CCC is hell bent on participating in these flawed and illegal 2023 elections to give Zanu PF legitimacy and thus perpetuate the dictatorship for another five more years. Nelson Chamisa, the President of the errant CCC party is even predicted resounding victory for the party.

"Authenticity is a quality created out of consistency and dependability. Winners are not whiners. Love and light fellow citizens. Blessed day #FakaPressure #Godisinit
"We're winning Big and with a landslide! Mark this tweet." He claimed.

"Faka pressure!" (Pile up the pressure!) Who is piling what pressure and on whom?

The only discernible pressure on Zanu PF is from the worsen economic situation. The sheer delight in Chamisa and Tendai Biti's, in particular, voice each time he talks of the worsen economic situation is irrepressible. How CCC wish Zimbabwe's hyperinflation would soar to the dizzying heights of 2008 in time for the 2023 elections!

The economic meltdown is piling the pressure of the ordinary people, on the coal face of the soaring cost of living and grinding poverty. What Chamisa and company are hoping for is the economic meltdown forcing the people on the street to demand change.

In other words, CCC leaders do not give a damn about the heart-breaking human suffering the worsening economic situation is causing as long as it brings about the desired result - public protests.

Chamisa and company know from the past that Zanu PF will use wanton violence to quell public protest. Again, CCC does not care how many innocent lives are lost as long as the protest delivers the regime change and get them back into power.

Zanu PF is piling up the pressure on the ordinary people mobilising the traditional leaders, war veterans and the party youth militia, they're the foot soldiers, tasked to corral povo and sure they vote for Zanu PF candidates. The foot soldiers have back up from the army, Police and CIO, who are tasked with the heavy-duty stuff of arresting, abducting and killing political opponents.

The Zanu PF vote rigging juggernaut is well-oiled and ready to deliver the usual Zanu PF landslide victory.
Whilst Sadc, IMF and more recently the EU have been piling the pressure on MDC/CCC to stop participating in these flawed and illegal elections and implement the reforms first. Chamisa and company have ignored the calls for reforms before elections for the same reasons they ignored them during the 2008 to 2013 GNU - greed and breath-taking incompetence.

Chamisa and company know that Zanu PF is offering a few urban gravy train seats to entice the opposition to participate regardless how flawed the election process get. MDC leaders have found the bait irresistible. Then there is the belief, MDC can win rigged elections - an oxymoron, especially after 42 years of blatantly rigged elections.

"God is in it!" How can God be involved in flawed and illegal process? By knowingly participate in flawed process and expect God to deliver victory regardless; is this not putting God to the test?

The people of Zimbabwe must accept the political reality that MDC/CCC leaders will never implement the democratic reforms, they wasted their golden opportunity to do so during the GNU. It is now for the people to demand reform before elections and put an end to the insanity of rigged election and bad governance.

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