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CCC's politics of a scavenging bird

18 Aug 2022 at 20:45hrs | Views
A vulture is a scavenging bird. It feeds from and thrives in the dead, dirt, smelly and foul.

A green parrot, on the other hand is an adorable creature of magnificent beauty. It blends with and loves what is tasty and wholesome in nature.

When a vulture flies, it sees and lands on the dead and dirty and putrid. There it sits, surrounded by repugnant smells.

When a green parrot flies, it sees the compelling beauty of the earth and lands on the blossoming foliage; surrounding itself with the brilliant perfumes of nature.

CCC's has a striking resemblance with the scavenging vulture. It has an eye, an ear, a nose, a taste and a feel for the putrid. It wallows in dirt and revels in the ugly.

When CCC flies from its political clouds (rather than it being down here on earth) it sees a dead Zimbabwe. It takes a cynical view of the country's challenges.

CCC does not see the greenery. It chooses to be oblivious of this country's achievements. CCC is dead to the prospects and opportunities that this magnificent country offers.

In fact, CCC talks the country down and wishes doom on the motherland.

While there are so many similarities between a vulture and CCC, there is a peculiar and compelling difference.

The difference is that for all its ill attributes, the vulture has one outstanding function, namely that it cleanses the land by eating thrash.

CCC does not cleanse the land. On the contrary, it fouls it. The vulture does not do the latter.

In scavenger politics, CCC ‘s existence and singular purpose is to find dirt, magnify it through exaggeration and create even a worst-case scenario. By way of example, take the evil effects of sanctions.

CCC does not only condemn the government and Zanu-PF for alleged economic failure, it bad-mouths the country and damages its reputation. It then calls for more sanctions and hardship.

With more hardships, it criticises more and calls for even more.

Throughout its criticism, CCC has never seen the beauty of this country nor the wonderful efforts of its people.

Of course, it is not a green parrot and cannot see whatever is lovely, it cannot know whatever is of good report; it has not heard of any virtue in Zimbabwe.

Therefore, it can only think of that which isn't inspiring and of that which depresses rather than uplifts.

CCC has styled itself as an opposition party. It is worse than a pressure group. At least some pressure groups have an identified purpose and can engage constructively.

CCC opposes mindlessly and aimlessly.

Is CCC really an opposition party? No. They have not been running our major towns and cities; rather, they have been running them down for nearly a generation now (nearly 30 years).

Our urban centres declined when CCC councillors came. They have even run down youth recreation centres to oblivion.

They have wrecked public services in their jurisdiction. Their councillors have been epitomes of corruption.

Yet CCC will never self-introspect. They do not have the concept of taking responsibility. What a deluded grouping of unmitigated dreamers and hypocrites!

CCC's argument is that it is not the national government. However, CCC is an impediment to the national economy by its perchance to tarnish the image of the country.

Look at the childish demonstrations they do in foreign embassies tens of thousands of miles from home just to smear the country and deter any investment so that they can blame Zanu-PF!

In any event, it is a flawed and false proposition that CCC is unable to do anything. The urban centres that they rundown are what they are because of a vicious combination of incompetence and corruption.

Thus scavenging grouping are the worst enemies of democracy.

Nelson Chamisa has been involved in leadership politics of his party and he has never been elected. He has had multiple opportunities to subject himself to political competition and to the democratic choice of his supporters.

He has chosen to gain power and retaining office by hook and by crook. We are not fools to believe that a tyrant who has never been elected will bow to democratic choice as soon as he reaches the State House.

In any case, leadership elections are not in the DNA of the man who competes and cries foul when he loses.

CCC has no basic constitutional structure. So much for the grouping that boasts of lawyers wax lyric on constitutionalism.

Their lame excuse (and an excuse they must give) is that if they put together structures, Zanu-PF will somehow use those structures to destroy CCC.

This outlandish and extravagant deceitful and distasteful.

Depriving party members of the right to elect their leaders and be governed not arbitrarily, but constitutionally is akin to a scenario where a selfish man prohibits cooking at home on ostensibly because the neighbours will come and somewhat grab the pot.

CCC must be called out in its scavenging politics. They must look at how they can contribute to uplift our towns where they have councillors.

CCC must know that they cannot credibly speak of running the country's economy when they have failed our urban centres.

It cannot credibly speak of democracy when their leader is terrified of competition internally and is an unelected despot who does not have a single page that outlines how his party is run, never mind how they can vote him out if they want to.

Source - The Herald
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