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ZANU PF to elect Ndebele President in the coming congress?

12 Oct 2022 at 13:54hrs | Views
Should a Matabele, through a miracle, be elected as ZANU PF President in the coming congress, that man or woman would be very lucky to come out of Harare alive.

You have heard how MDC aka CCC stones or attempt to burn, over ambitious Matabeles who develop an appetite for the position of the president. ZANU PF is worse. It is home to extreme Shona supremacists and tribalists who hate Matabeles with a passion and never imagine themselves ruled by a Matabele in their lives. To them, Zimbabwe is a Shona fiefdom that belongs to Shona people only. They are always ready to eliminate any Matabele who threatens power or the permanent political order which favours Shona people.

The position of President is strictly reserved for Shonas only. Matabeles are not even permitted to take up the position of 1st Vice President which is also a reserve for Shona people. Theirs (Matabeles) is an inferior 2nd Vice President position which is a dummy and mockery.

On 31 July 2018, senior writer at The Herald ( state newspnewspaper), Ranga Mataire, wrote, "The period after Robert Mugabe is thus regarded as a second Republic in that it is a departure from the obsession with "decolonising" discourse to a period of pragmatic economic revival with less emphasis on political grandstanding".

Unfortunately but not surprising, second Republic only describes the undemocratic era after the coup.

5 years have gone by and the second republic has not departed an inch from its checkered past.

Zimbabwe is still a genocidal Shona supremacist state that discriminates Matabele people based on tribal lines, with a President who threatens to kill Matabeles for demanding the restoration of Matabeleland state. Zimbabwe is still a corruption ridden failed state without its own currency, saddled with over US $ 30 billion and growing dept and the economy that is on a downward spiral.

This is due to the DNA of corruption, theft, destruction and witchcraft in the Shona people.

Former Minister of Health, Herbert Ushewokunze and former Minister of Labour, Kumbirai Kangai once shocked the world by claiming that "corruption and stealing from government and other jusrustic entities is not considered a crime amongst Shona people but viewed and celebrated as empowerment."

As resent as last week, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of United International Family Church told his congregants that stealing $5 billion is not theft or corruption.

In his own words he said, "corruption has certain levels . There are certain dimensions that if there is 10 billion. And the 10 billion is set aside to construct roads.

"If 5 billion is swindled and the other 5 billion constructs the road. Corruption is corruption, but this corruption is different from corruption because the whole 10 billion could have been swindled."

In countries like China that have zero tolerance to corruption stealing such a huge amount of money attracts a death sentence by hanging. But in Zimbabwe you find a man of God preaching and encouraging graft contrary to God's 8th commandment that says, "thou shalt not steal."

Even pastors and prophets who are Shona fail to control the DNA of corruption in them!

When will Zimbabwe have a Matabele president? Not now, not in the near future. By the way, there is an existing list of potential future presidential candidates in ZANU PF. Vice President Chiwenga will take over from Mnangagwa and will pass the button to Saviour Kasikuwere. Believe it or not after Kasukuwere's rein, Zimbabwe will clock 67 years of independence without a Matabele president and without an option to change the status quo.

We ask all Matabele leaders in ZANU PF and members of ZPRA; did you fight to remove white supremacy and replace it with Shona supremacy? Did you fight for a Zimbabwe that should be ruled and dominated by one tribe? As ZANU PF goes to congress this month do you have a Matabele presidential candidate? It is not a secret, as tribalistic as they are, no Shona will vote for a Matabele to take the position of president. That is a fact that is hard to swallow! That is called tribal intolerance, tribal discrimination, tribal domination which translate to tribal oppression.

Have you accepted that you are an inferior group of people that have no place in Zimbabwe? If that is the case then the war of Zimbabwe independence was misplaced, a waste of time, waste of Matabele blood and resources for you fought white oppression to embrace black Shona oppression.

The rest of us in Matabeleland have seen the light. We have accepted that we are not Zimbabweans henceforth, we are fighting for the restoration of Matabeleland state.

MLO will never accept this nonsense. We will never accept this undiluted tribalism, we will not accept this black apartheid. We proudly lead Matabeleland revolution without any apology, fear or favour. Nxa usaqhubeka ubekezelela amanyala afana nala uyinkomoist, uyinkomo, uyi mooo! Ushota ngomsila kuphela.

We are not asking Shonas to rule us well, but we are demanding Matabeleland independence to govern ourselves. We do not want an inch of Mashonaland but we demand every square metre of Matabeleland territory including our resources, our animals and even our insects.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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