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Mnangagwa's Zanu-PF shooting self in the foot

08 Feb 2023 at 05:05hrs | Views
IN Zimbabwe, come election time, it can only get crazier in the run up period.

We now hear that some politically-drugged individuals in the ruling Zanu-PF party are advising their supporters to literally steal national identity (ID) documents of relatives and spouses they believe or know will not vote for the party during the coming elections.

These individuals have come up with this most outrageous scheme to prevent people who may vote for the opposition from exercising their right to vote.

According to the front-page story of yesterday's NewsDay edition, one individual believed to be a Zanu-PF official was audio-tapped saying: "If you are in a relationship with someone from the opposition and you know that s/he will not vote for Zanu-PF, make sure that on the day of the election the person should have a sleepover at your place and steal the ID card so s/he won't vote. Elections are a game of numbers; make sure that opposition supporters do not vote on election day. Even your father, if he is from the opposition, please steal his identity documents so that he cannot vote."

There are many other alleged untoward plots we hear have been reportedly crafted by the ruling party to win this year's elections at all costs: Clearly by hook or crook. Among them is also a plan to completely seal off all rural areas so that no opposition party campaigns in such places.

One can only drop their jaws in utter shock and amazement as to what in God's name has become of some among us.

If, indeed, this is true, then may God, the gods and ancestors come to Zimbabwe's help and forbid this insanity of the highest order from devouring the entire nation.

It boggles the mind why Zanu-PF, which has been in power for the past 42 years, should entertain this kind of ancient and barbaric politics if it, indeed, is a popular people's party? Does it have to sink this low just to retain power? Will these nefarious shenanigans endear it to the nation?

If truth be told, whoever these individuals who are advising the ruling party that this is the best way to win the upcoming general elections are wont on destroying the revolutionary party from within.

Their bizarre plots can only serve to turn the party into a monstrous institution that no one will want to associate with. Talk of shooting self in the foot.

If Zanu-PF does not quickly act to disinfect its structures of individuals harbouring such evil and retrogressive thoughts, then it should not cry foul that no one warned it about the danger of brazenly forcing people to toe their political line.

Is it not strange that the country's dear leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is busy preaching peace and tolerance, yet some among his party's rank and file are busy propagating the vile gospel of hate and intolerance.

If Mnangagwa fails to decisively put an end to such monstrosities being crafted in his party, then we fear blame will fall squarely on him if he and his party emerge from the elections severely mauled by the opposition and seek to reverse the result through wicked conspiracies.

Source - Newsday Zimbabwe
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