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For such underperforming local authorities do they afford such luxuries?

27 Feb 2023 at 12:01hrs | Views
The city of progress has failed to live to it's name unless "Progress" has another meaning.

How does Gweru local authority afford such a luxurious car worth USD176,000.00 (over 3 million if converted to South African Rands) for the one occupying the Town Clerk's office? Day in day out most local authorities bemoan the failure of residents to pay their rates yet after coming across this story one can conclude that the revenue they want is not for service delivery but luxury perks for it's top management.

Service delivery failure we are told by the opposition running the local authorities is because of the Zanu pf government. How then do they afford such luxury when the Zanu pf led government is stifling their service delivery, maybe they can explain to the disgruntled people who are given a litany of excuses when it comes to service delivery.

What could more than 3 million Rands do for Gweru were the city roads need high driving skills as to avoid the numerous potholes dotted around the city centre, residential areas etc The penchant for luxury exhibited by those at local authorities is disgusting as they throw the blame at the government without looking at their mismanagement.

The past years in which the opposition has been in charge of local authorities has exposed their greedy as they can't take out their snouts from the feeding trough, only to take it out as election time approaches and tell people of their unfinished projects.

The main opposition leader has done nothing to stop the rot. I could be expecting much from a Social media president who thinks tweet posts are a sign of winning elections. He has allowed the rot to go on yet he says he will be different, how different when their (opposition) running of local authorities has exposed the type of leaders they are .......nothing but fortune seekers.

Leadership is sacrifice. If they can buy luxurious cars at expense of the people then those who will vote need to open their eyes and take off blinkers and see if this is true leadership or avarice.

True leaders will forsake luxury.

Real leaders will go in the trenches with the downtrodden not lie to desperate suffering people that "our party is a pro-poor people's party" yet your actions speak louder of your true colours ... nothing but charlatans.

Source - AT Kadada
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