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We are Ndebeles, don't force us to be patriotic to Zimbabwe

06 Jun 2023 at 21:30hrs | Views
We are Matabele. To be referred to as Zimbabweans is a huge embarrassment on its own but to be forced to be patriotic to Zimbabwe through a piece of draconian bill is an insult.

We are not Zimbabweans we only became Zimbabweans, whatever it means, through an imperfect decolonisation process in 1980. We pride ourselves in our multiple cultures and languages. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. This should sink into the corrupt , oppressive, tribalistic and oppressive minds of the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and its supporters in Mashonaland. Shonas are the people who must be patriotic to the Zimbabwe government because it serves their best interests.

When it comes to causing pain and human suffering, Zanupf is in the league of Hitler's Nazi. The patriotic bill which was passed by the Zimbabwe parliament four days ago shows that the Zimbabwe government is the "black nazi" grouping that has been allowed to live to cause more pain and suffering for Matabele people and to an extent, Zimbabweans. The bill was taken straight from Nazi book of draconian laws that were used to curtail freedom of press, speech and association in Germany.

We know that this bill was formed to silence Matabele voices talking about Matabele genocide and tribal oppression at the hands of the Zimbabwe Shona supremacist government. To jail or kill MLO leaders in Zimbabwe and exile through death penalty and suppress our peaceful calls for the restoration of an independent state of Matabeleland to join the family of nations as The Republic of Matabeleland, ROM.

As MLO we would like to put it categorically clear that no draconian bill, not even legions of armies can stop Matabeleland restoration cause. Matabeleland revolution is the idea who's time has come!

We have liberated our minds and our spirits to prepare ourselves for the physical emancipation of Matabeles. We do not expect the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe which is our number one enemy and number one murderer of our people to choose friends and allies for us. Their enemies are not our enemies. Put in other words, we are as free as birds to fly wherever we want, to associate with anyone in any corner of the world and to enter any office or embassy and meet with who so ever. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland.

To think or even dream of MLO asking for permission from the oppressive Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe to meet our friends within or without Zimbabwe is self deception and foolishness of highest proportions.

We do not subscribe to Zimbabwe laws that are put in place to keep our nation under permanent tribal oppression of the Zimbabwe government and in danger of the second genocide. Whether it is a patriotic bill, or an article in the Zimbabwe constitution that says Zimbabwe is an indivisible unitary state or word of mouth from the President of Zimbabwe threatening to shorten our lives for advocating for Matabeleland independence, we will ignore it with contempt it deserves and intensify Matabeleland struggle.

Such a bill can only be formulated and passed hurriedly by a desperate and panic stricken government which is afraid of an independent Matabeleland and no longer trust its own Shona people. A government that knows so well that the Shona state that they built through deceit, lies and the blood of dead innocent Matabele masses is on the verge of a split that will give birth to the Republic of Matabeleland.

Is there anything good to say about the Zimbabwe government, what is it? The Zimbabwe government has the intention of annihilating Matabele nation. It threatens to shorten our lives for advocating for the independence of Matabeleland, it tribally discriminates against us in politics, economics, labour market, institutions of higher education and socially. It is known for running down one of the best economies in Africa through uncontrolled and unfettered corruption and stealing.

Without fear or favour we shall speak about the above, publicly and privately, in any part of the world. With renewed energy and enthusiasm we shall speak about Matabeleland restoration and self determination.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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