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CCC Mthwakazi: kick out Shona supremacist Chamisa and declare Matabeleland independent, ignore Welshman apology

07 Aug 2023 at 19:46hrs | Views
Nothing pains us more than seeing fellow Matabeles being humiliated, dehumanised, abused and used as voting cattle in the Zimbabwe election booths by opportunistic Zimbabwe opposition parties that do not have the interests of Matabeles at heart. In the forefront is the Chamisa Chete Chete- CCC one man party that has sold almost half of Bulawayo parliamentary seats to ZANUpf in order to spite Matabeles who refuse imposition of Shona candidates in Bulawayo.

The fact that Chamisa's favourite candidates from Mashonaland have won the case and allowed to contest that is still more bad news for Matabeleland which should not be celebrated. It means Matabeles would be represented by foreigners in the Zimbabwe parliament.

We are following this case with great interest and applaud Matabeles who stood their ground and are still fighting. CCC is a mere opposition party that holds no political power. Its leader, Nelson Chamisa, is a dangerous tribalist with an unquenchable thirst for absolute political power and dictatorship. Chamisa's one man party, CCC or it is 666 in disguise, which has no constitution and structure, needs Matabeles more than they need it to win the votes in Zimbabwe.

That is why umtaka Chamisa Welshman Ncube has quickly opologised on behalf of his father. It is not a genuine apology, they want to sway Matabeles to vote for foreigners.

"There is no need to worry over who you sent to represent us. Even though this year you wanted to send Dube, but he did not become a candidate, in the future you will send him as well", said Welshman Ncube.

There is a lot to worry about when Matabeles will be represented by foreigners for 5 years. The foreigner will earn a salary that was supposed to be paid to Matabele. The foreigner has does not understand the culture and the languages of Matabeles. Foreigners especially Shonas do not understand our grievances, they say our grievances are tribally motivated which is not true. Foreigners are deployed in Matabeleland for evil reasons of furthering the Grand Plan and Shona supremacy. We find Welshman Ncube statement deliberately misleading and destructive to Matabeles and Matabeleland.

Matabeles should not allow themselves to be abused and tribally oppressed by this non- entity that seeks to use them as voting cattle in the Zimbabwe elections. No to imposition of Shona candidates in Matabeleland! No to Shonaism and Shona supremacy in Matabeleland.

The solution of Matabeleland political problems does not lie in the Zimbabwe ballot. We need to come together as Matabeles, kick out CCC and ZANU pf, shun Zimbabwe elections and declare Matabeleleland independent. Any foreigner, Zimbabweans included, who would visit The Republic of Matabeleland through the right channels after the declaration would be received with warm hands and offered world class hospitality. But any government or individuals from Zimbabwe that will encroach or stray into the Republic of Matabeleland territory with the purpose of meddling into our political affairs will have the AK 47 and necklace unleashed on them.

We do not owe Shonas anything. They owe us Matabele genocide blood and our independence. Matabeles must not apologise for being born Matabeles. Matabeleland is our motherland therefore we will not apologise for demanding our God given right to self determination. We shall not be shy to defend what rightfully belongs to us from Shona supremacist political projects that have evil intentions of oppressing and murdering us.

Matabeles should ask themselves why tribalism which caused the MDC split in 2005 still remains to date? It was only carried down to MDC T, MDC Alliance and now CCC. They should ask themselves as to why tribalism that caused the tribal split of ZAPU in 1963 to produce a splinter group ZANUpf, tribalism that caused the genocide in which over 40 000 Matabeles were murdered by the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe through Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade, why tribalism continues to date as Matabeles are tribally segregated educationally, politically, economically, employment wise and socially? Why did the Unity governments between ZAPU and ZANU and the one between ZANU pf and the MDCs failed to resolve the problem of tribalism and oppression of Matabeles? We should ask ourselves why many Zimbabwe elections that held since 1980 have failed to resolve the problem of tribalism and murder against Matabeles?

The answer is simple. There is a great conflict of political interests in the Zimbabwe elections.

On one hand, Shona supremacist political projects like ZANU-PF and CCC seek to legitimise the continuation of Matabele tribal oppression, Shona hegemony, capture of Matabeleland cities and rural areas, theft and plunder of Matabeleland resources which they have achieved, unfortunately through our participation in the Zimbabwe. In other words, we are being used to legitimise our own tribal oppression through the ballot. Do not be deceived, a party which fails to gain a single council or parliamentary seat through lack of popularity of rigging remains a non-entity whose purpose, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is to legitimise the Shona supremacist tribal political system.

On the other hand, Matabeles through the Zimbabwe vote, seek to achieve self determination, to have a share in the resources of Matabeleland, to be treated with dignity like human beings with equal rights, to participate in politics and economics of the country. That remains an unachievable illusion since the creation of Zimbabwe. The more Matabeles vote in Zimbabwe, the more Shona supremacy spreads and grows in Matabeleland. The more Matabeles groan in agony under Shona oppression the more the Shona supremacist tighten the grip.

To leaders like Welshman Ncube and Thokozani Khupe who have the tendency of misleading Matabeles to the tribal political traps in Harare, Zimbabwe, we say stop it now. It is an unforgivable sin to take political advantage of the desperate and oppressed Matabeles to bargain for bread crumbs that fall from the tables of your masters in Harare.

You have been stoned like snakes and chased out of Harare. There have been attempts to burn you inside thatched huts, you have been given hot claps and told to go back to Matabeleland because no Matabele is allowed to lead Shonas. But to everyone's surprise you go back there soon after on your knees. Embarrassingly, Welshman was heard on several occasions addressing Chamisa who is young enough to be his son as ubaba wami (my father). What kind nonsense is this? Is it the love of your masters and their bad smell or it is the love of money?

If it is for the love of money, take a friendly advice from us. The money taps are running dry at CCC. The generous donors have since discovered the trick through Maduku and Tsvangirai strategy. Maduku would make easy cash through going to the corners of the streets and get himself arrested. The donors will shower him with cash.

Morgan Tsvangirai used to get millions of US dollars after promising to deliver regime change. But he would blow the cash on women. Remember Lorcadia Karimatsenga who was divorced through media after 12 days of marriage, Nosipho Shilubane of South Africa who was dumped via text, two Bulawayo girls Loreta Nyathi and Nobuhle Ndiweni that he impregnated and Elizabeth Macheka who got married to Tsvangirai a few weeks after Lorcadia was divorced? Donor cash was not a problem for Tsvangirai but the problem was how to use it. They have since turned off the cash taps.

Our non - negotiable demands to the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe regardless of the outcome of the August 2023 elections remain binding to all successive Zimbabwe governments until all our demands are fully met as follows:

1.0 Unconditionally withdraw trumped up treason charges and cancel warrant of arrest against MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela with immediate effect

1.1 Restoration of Kingdom of Matebeleland  that would join the family of nations as The Republic of Matebeleland

1.2 Payment of one hundred billion United States Dollars ie US$100 billion Reparations for Matebeleland Genocide, gross abuse of human rights and  looting of Matebeleland resources

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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