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Zimbabwe security details don't behave like anything on the video

26 Aug 2023 at 20:11hrs | Views

Time will tell. Very short time.  The electoral numbers, the votes, are beginning to come in hard and fast, and they are getting rough.

But anyone who knows anything useful about Zim security details will tell you that they don't behave like anything on the video.

In fact, no security person would go into a room like the one where the presser was taking place and take the kind of risks in the manner the alleged disruptor was doing.

No ways.

Otherwise, with the final results for both the parliamentary and presidential elections now shaping up in definite ways, it is clear that yesterday's conclusions by several key election observer missions that Zimbabwe's harmonised general election was "calm and peaceful" seems to have put the cat among the pigeons. Maybe they should have waited until all the results are declared.

The content of the attached video, of an allegedly disrupted CCC presser in Harare this morning, is not self-explanatory: what is seen and what is heard does not lead to an unequivocal self-evident conclusion.

However, even an amateur investigator would immediately realise and tell that some of the people on the clip, including the alleged main disruptor seem to know each other.

One thing for sure, is that the assumption being peddled and even being broadcast by some news outlets like Newzroom405 that the political or whatever identity of the alleged disruptor or intruder is known, provokes questions about the political drama on the video clip.

What is being said, how and when it is said smacks of a rather badly scripted B-Movie.

"Who are you"?  Who send you, who send you, we want to know who send you [sic.]? They ask him. "You want to subvert the will of the people", they charge. "Address us", they implore him. "It's not about disrupting the presser, but if you're a law enforcement agent, identify yourself", they plead with him. "Don't pretend to be damn" they taunt him. He remains, quiet, he's not violent.

"We are going to win these elections", they assure him.  "You have your ministers, your leaders who addressed press conferences, were they disrupted", they complain to him; "This is embarrassing";  "Citizen arrest, citizen arrest"; they shout.

After that, suddenly, it's on to Newzroom405 with the footage of the video, not the full video, but with enough to make specific accusations about the identity and politics of the alleged aggressor who was meek, scared and virtually cooperative during the practically friendly melee.

It does happen during elections that when the numbers get rough, things get tough!

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