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President Chamisa remains our Strategic Ambiguity going forward

19 Sep 2023 at 23:38hrs | Views
Mnangagwa controversially won the recent election which is hotly disputed, he emerged badly wounded and with serious problems from the poll, which may make his authoritarian rule far more complicated in months ahead.

The elections showed that Mnangagwa is still unpopular compared to his party, they is a 10 percent margin between the party in the parliamentary poll and his own vote returns, his votes declined by over 100 000 notwithstanding the 52.6 percent win that suggest an improvement, soldiers voted against him and the SADC Election observer mission rejected his SMASH AND GRAB VICTORY.

The majority of the voters especially in towns and cities do not even know what type of a political system that they are trying to remove from power¬¬, more so the rural voters are even politically ignorant to the realities of the system that they continually back and endorse under whatever means

Zanu Pf is a deep political system that can be removed from power but obviously not via elections alone, elections seem to have failed the democratic means of removing Zanu Pf via the ballot but Zimbabweans should not lose hope as elections remains the only attainable remedy to remove the 43year old revolutionary party from power

The current main opposition party under the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa is arguably the most strong and vibrant setup compared to the former MDC under the leadership of the late Morgan Tsvangirai. In terms of leadership acumen and strong ideological strength, President Chamisa is far ahead of his late predecessor, however considering that change has been overdue in Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans are already despising the leadership capabilities of President Chamisa.

Zimbabweans especially all those who share the vision of a prosperous Zimbabwe, should actually be grateful to God that they have a man who knows what he is doing and very soon President Chamisa will take Zimbabweans to the biblical Canaan.

Zanu Pf tried to bury the main opposition movement using Douglas Mwonzora. The modern day   Nyanhewe Matope of the former Rozvi empire or the famous guerrilla warfare Nyathi who sold the freedom fighters at Chimoio Military base in Mozambique. Douglas Mwonzora should be counting millions at his home but politically he was used to bury a name and not a movement.

Recently mercenaries like Morgan Komichi have been calling for an inclusive Government in which they will try to sneak in, but we all know that these mercenaries are not really after the democratic struggle either do they represent the suffering masses rather they represent their political bellies.

Zimbabwe does not even need an Inclusive Government but it needs, Electoral Reforms that will allow the country to hold free, fair and credible elections. As a country we should learn from the previous Unity Government which in short revived the economy and gave way to a new Constitution which have been amended more than three times on critical areas that should have benefited the country and Mwonzora was used to purport that Zanu Pf agenda.

President Chamisa should appoint a solid Administration that can run future elections and competent office bearers that are people driven, Zimbabweans must not tire yet as the biblical Canaan is now closer than ever. Zimbabweans should not pay much attention to political sideshows rather should continuously listen to President Chamisa for political direction.

At the moment they is no need of leadership change at the helm of the CCC top post, rather the nation should rally behind the tried and tested leadership of President Chamisa, President Chamisa remains our best foot forward for now, as for the future we will talk when we get there.
Considering the continuous amendments of the current constitution, the opposition CCC should focus more on winning the majority in the Parliament so that they deal with the current authoritarian tendencies of amending a constitution so that they remain in power. Winning a majority in Parliament will be one of the closest ways of gaining state power.

On the Diplomatic tiff with Zambia, Zimbabweans should not be really shocked as Zanu Pf Government will do anything that will keep it in power, if it can not be worried about the welfare of its own people surely Zambia becomes nothing to it.

Knowledge Hakata is a political analyst and can be contacted on

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