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Zimbabwe will cause political instability in Southern Africa

11 Oct 2023 at 22:12hrs | Views
Without modicum of doubt, failure to run the economy and political affairs of the Zimbabwe government due to over four decades of unfettered large scale looting, corruption, economic mismanagement, Matabele genocide and oppression, has contributed hugely to xenophobic attacks in South Africa, fear and anger in the SADC region.

How can one describe the unprovoked acts of aggression towards Zambia and its President Hakainde Hichilema by ZANU-PF Secretary for Finance, Patrick Chinamasa and others? In their desperate attempt to intimidate Zambia into submission they have unwittingly revealed that the Zimbabwe government murdered President Mwanawasa for differing with them. As far as we know, when the Shona supremacists in Harare are angry or over- exited they tell the truth. What they said is very true. But why must ZANU pf Shona supremacist government murder innocent leaders and masses with impunity in Africa? Why must ZANU-PF bully  its neighbours? What kind of war did they fight which the other Africans did not, which degrees of violence do they have that other leaders in Africa do not, what kind of weapons do they possess which other countries in Africa do not?

Should political leaders in SADC and AU continue treating the Zimbabwe government with political kid-gloves, buying the false narrative of sanctions as presented by the Zimbabwe government, the situation may escalate to political instability especially in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Judging by the high levels of anger in the South African communities, one day the world will wake up to a genocide that may haunt South Africa for a long time. As Matabeles, we have experienced Matabele genocide in Zimbabwe. We know the signals. Zimbabwe must be held to account for its actions.

Zimbabwe's political and economic hardships are entirely self created. Even the so-called sanctions came at the invition of the Zimbabwe government through staging a chaotic land reform and gross abuse of human rights.

Zanu PF moved from the bush into the office with their weapons of war. The end result of the abuse of the gun is the government that is committing heinous  acts of terrorism against its people.

The government that has an unresolved history of Matabele genocide in which more than 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians were dastardly murdered, more than 100 000 Matabele women raped, more than 100 000 Matabele homes burnt down, some with the whole family inside and more than 300 000 Matabele civilians maimed through torture and beatings should not be allowed to hide behind sovereignty.

Even punitive sanctions would be too lenient for the government that seeks to annihilate Matabele nation, violently grabs property from whites, cuts the hands of its own people, shoots to death members of the opposition participating in a peaceful protest, milks the country dry of its resources through "mega corruption". Zanu pf government deserves to be destroyed like the Nazi and Hitler, and perpetrators must face the wrath of the law.

Those who believed the sanctions story have changed their minds after watching the documentary by Aljazeera titled "Gold Mafia". The world must not be swayed by the Zimbabwe government through its agents deployed mostly in South Africa and the world. The documentary captured live, pure life styles of Zimbabwe leaders and their behaviour when it comes to looting the country's resources.That is only a tip of the iceberg. Stealing of industrial magnitude has been happening for 43 years, unfettered and unprosecuted.

If you have been asking yourself as to why Zimbabwe is a failed state without its own currency, saddled with over US$18 billion dept, with spiralling vendor economy and being deserted by its own people- young, old, skilled, unskilled, disabled and even the blind. The documentary is your answer.

South Africa

Undeniably, there is a mass exodus of Zimbabweans to South Africa composed of four groups that go there for different reasons.  

The first group is made up of politicians under threat of assassination or political persecution in Zimbabwe. Intriguingly, this group is dominated by ZANU pf leaders who ran away from the sword of their own comrades. Even the current President of Zimbabwe Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa once jumped the border into SA. This is uncontested evidence that ZANU PF government is a total let down and disgrace in Southern Africa and the world.

The second group is that of Zimbabwe government spies who come disguised as economic migrants, refugees,  business people, philanthropists,  pastors, bishops, journalists and so on. Some were deployed to spy on political organisations and leaders from Zimbabwe but some are dabbling in South African political and social matters, making Zimbabwe a threat to democracy in South Africa and SADC as a whole.

How can one describe the so called Chairman of Zimbabwe Anti- Sanctions Movement, Rutendo Matinyarare. We have his anti- Matabele videos where he is celebrating the cold blooded killing of Matabeles by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade and Central Intelligence Organisation deployed by the Zimbabwe government.

He spends time selling his anti- white agenda to South African black masses.This, he does through any media outlet that cares to give him an ear, lecturing them on their own history as if they do not know it. Telling them when whites arrived in South Africa and their mission, giving estimates of how much he thinks whites have stolen since their arrival and how many people they have killed.

He talks about genocides committed by colonists in Africa and how cruel and painful they were. But the hypocrite never mentions Matabele genocide committed by the Zimbabwe government. How innocent Matabele women private parts were burnt with plastic before they were raped, how pregnant Matabele women had their stomachs ripped open with bayonets to kill both the innocent mother and the unborn child, how lactating Matabele women were forced to crush their own infants with a maize pounder.  

We believe South Africans know their own history quite better than him and anyone else as they have best schools and universities in Africa. We admire the way they built the rainbow nation. They chose negotiations than war to achieve miraculous independence and democracy without spilling more blood. We believe they have the sovereignty and freedom to advance their home grown land plan at their own pace without being  pressured by known failures from Zimbabwean who are trying to incite South Africans to grab land Zanupf style.

Through embracing all its citizens to form a beautiful rainbow nation, South Africa has managed to keep its business people, both black and white, develop its economy, build an amazing democracy  and maintain its European standard in Africa.

Unlike Zimbabwe which is a Shona state serving the interests of the Shona people only. It promotes Shona people as superior than others and believes that minorities must be wiped out or remain under the feet of Shona majority. Thus, Matabele genocide was an attempt to obliterate Matabele nation. Farm grabs, in which 16 white farmers were killed and many beaten and tortured and over 5 000  farms taken violently, exposes the destructive nature of the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe. It destroys lives, and the economy. The reason why it has fallen all the way from the top to the bottom of the African graph together with poorer of the poorest and sitting on the edge of a split that would see the restoration of Matabeleland state.

Rutendo Matinyarare's statements are well planed and orchestrated with the aim of driving a wage between black and white South Africans. Given this bad influence, South Africa should not be surprised to wake up one day to find the youth grabbing land and looting businesses owned by white people.

In his toxic political statements, the guy also attacks Rwanda and its President Paul Kagame. The heartless Shonaist goes as far as blaming the victims of Rwanda genocide ( Tutsis) for the genocide.

The truth is, President Kagame took over a poor country ravaged by genocide, tribalism, war and economic mismanagement and turned it into a peaceful, cleanest, and fastest growing economy in Africa regardless of limited resources. This is in stack contrast with the Shona supremacist government of  Zimbabwe which inherited the bread basket of Africa with the economy next only to South Africa in size and turned it into a basket case of Africa deserted by its own people.

The Zimbabwe government cries like a small baby when any foreigner unearths the truth about Zimbabwe' s political wrong doings. But Matinyarare and his bunch are going far beyond campaigning for the removal of Zimbabwe sanctions to pit tribe against tribe and race against race in other African countries.

Then there is Joshua Maponga. Identifiable with his grey beards, he used to masquerade as a bishop or motivational speaker. He too sells the anti- white agenda and black South Africans are his target market. But what differretiates him from Rutendo is his anti-Christ agenda that he has added to his list. He has shifted from the house of God to the other side. The fallen bishop is now teaching black South Africans that Jesus Christ never existed and that Christianity is the religion of colonists.

Back in Zimbabwe his home, buildings in the industrial areas are turned into churches that preach the very gospel of Jesus. Is Zimbabwe not a starting point for this guy? Lets say the guy has abandoned Zimbabwe completely, there are many Zimbabwean churches opening branches in the bushes all over South Africa.They are recognisable by their white gowns under the trees and preaching the same gospel of Jesus Christ that he hates. Does he not think that his brothers need to know that Christianity is a religion of colonisers?

What is this if it is not crab mentality? "Pull them down because we are down" Nigerian actors will say, jerasi jerasi". No one is dangerous than the failing politicians running a failing country. They want to pull everyone down to their miserable level. Africans and the world must not underestimate the destructive ability of the the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe. They are proven failures when it comes to building and creating but experts in terms of destruction.

Zimbabweans who have been taught to hate and hurt minorities, both black and white, are not in good standing to lecture anyone about politics, nation building and economics. In our Matabele culture thieves and failures are given goat skinning tasks when it comes to debating important issues.  

Shona masses make the third group which started moving to South Africa around 2000 when the effects of failure to run the economy, unfettered and uncontrolled looting and corruption started to bite. Among them are regime change and status quo supporters.

Arrogance, self importance, Shona superiority, disrespect, nepotism and tribalism which they freely practice in Zimbabwe, soon put them into a collision course with South Africans, sparking xenophobia. The Shona people forget that South Africa is not Zimbabwe where they do not want to speak other languages other than Shona and English and tribally segregate other blacks. This group is in South Africa for employment and economic opportunities and nothing else.

There is talk that Shonas in South Africa are planing to propose a seat in the South African parliament and push Shona language to be accepted as an official South African language. Ask us and we will tell you that this is another recipe for disaster!

Matabele people are the fourth group. The first group of Matabeles came in the 1980s to escape Matabele genocide. After the 1987 Unity Accord the genocide took a subtle form. Matabele culture, languages, dignity and identity continued to be murdered. Tribal domination and discrimination of Matabeles in the labour market, institutions of higher learning, economics politics and other spheres of life continued. This left Matabeles with no choice but to move to South Africa and Botswana to seek for jobs to feed their families. We have been living peacifully with South Africans for many years. We know that they are not xenophobic unless they are provoked.

Matabeles love their ancestral land, Matabeleland so dearly. They fully understand that they are in South Africa temporarily because their country is under Shona suprimacits capture.

The time for Matabeleland to be restored to its former independent and sovereign state has come. It will join the family of nations as the Republic of Matabeleland.

The Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland State has been delivered to the government of Zimbabwe by MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela on behalf of Matabeleland Liberation Organisation- MLO. The President of Zimbabwe, Mr Mnangagwa recognised the Notice by issuing a threat that he will cut short the lives of Matabeles who are advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland state. This man has come to believe that he holds high authority over the lives of Matabeles.

We demand US$ 100 billion from the Zimbabwe government as reparations for Matabeleland genocide. Our third demand is that the government of Zimbabwe unconditionally drops trumped up treason charges against MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela and stop harassing and abusing his family in Bulawayo, Matabeleland through conducting illegal raids and searches that have happened 14 times at his home during his absence.

Matabeles have spoken. Those who have ears must hear. Matabeleland revolution has no reverse gear nor breaks. Let those who take us for granted receive the shock of their lives.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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