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CCC faction threatening to kill innocent Matabele children in bad taste

03 Nov 2023 at 13:58hrs | Views
Reports in the media that a CCC faction led by Nelson Chamisa is threatening to murder innocent children of Matabele MPs and councillors  that have not been recalled by CCC Interim General Secretary, Sengezo Tshabangu, are disturbing and cannot be taken lightly by MLO and Matabele nation at large.

According to the reports that appeared on Bulawayo24 news and other news outlets last week, the crime of the MPs and councillors is that of surviving recalls by Sengezo Tshabangu and their children are accused of being the children of Matabele MPs and councillors that have not been recalled.

If we may ask, since when is it a crime not to be recalled? What about innocent Matabele children who are not members of the CCC and know nothing about it, what is their crime?  

These stone age political actions by the CCC grouping led by Nelson Chamisa show that his political plans and programs in Matabeleland are informed by the 1979 Grand Plan produced by ZANU PF in 1979 as a guide line on how to annihilate, tribally oppress and dominate Matabele people.The reason why we see Nelson Chamisa and his faction from Mashonaland fighting tooth and nail to impose Shona candidates in Matabeleland.

The opposition's absolute monarchy has lost the control of his briefcase party and has been reduced to a faction and rigional leader who is the face of recalled candidates from Mashonaland. He totally ignores the valid grievances of the people of Matabeleland who want to be represented by leaders of their choice, recklessly violating their freedom of choice and the right to govern themselves.

He has shamelessly gone to street corners in Mashonaland to call all his friends and political rejects from that part of the world to impose them as candidates to contest as MPs and councillors in Matabeleland at the expense of Matabeles.

He has convinced them that Matabeles vakapusa ( Matabeles are idiots). They cannot lead and that they want to be led by Shonas.

While we do not support Sengezo Tshabangu's pro Zimbabwe political idea which is a Shona supremacist system, we admire his boldness in recalling the imposed foreign candidates in Matabeleland.

He has saved us from the humiliation of being represented by aliens who who do not carry our identity, grievances, culture and do not know our language. People who believe that we are not human and should be kept under Shona oppression forever. People who support Matabele genocide and the annihilation of Matabele nation. Whether those who support the recalled candidates like it or not, parties to celebrate Matabele genocide and oppression of Matabeleland were now going to be held right in our council offices in Matabeleland. Meetings to plot genocide, our segregation and oppression were going to be planned right in our capital. That is what happens when foreigners and enemies are imposed to represent you.

Recalled Donaldson Mabuto had started  addressing the media in Shona outside the large city hall. Shona is a traumatizing language in Matabeleland.The Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade which committed Matabele genocide was forcing Matabele people to speak in Shona, a foreign language they could not speak nor understand. Those who could speak Shona, survived and those who could not, were killed right on the spot. So Shona is the language of the oppressor that has a bad history in Matabeleland.

The most chilling part of Matabele genocide committed by the Zimbabwe government is that amongst 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians that were slaughtered by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade were innocent children, both born and unborn. And amongst 100 000 innocent Matabele women that were rapped by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade there were school children. It becomes clear each day that should the CCC take over political power in Zimbabwe, it will commit another genocide against Matabele people. Killing innocent Matabele civilians and children did not start now.

We delayed our response purposefully to see how and when the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe was going to act on such serious threats of genocide. No surprise from the number one killers of Matabele people. Even its leader Emmerson Mnangnagwa who is quick to threaten to shorten the lives of Matabeles who are peacefully advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland State is dead silent. The truth is he would be happy to see the corpses of innocent Matabele children.

Given the above action it is clear that Matabeles are vulnerable under the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe. Not protected by the government and the opposition.

MLO stands for all the rights of Matabele people. Where the lives of innocent Matabele children and civilians  are under threat, we will not hesitate to intervene and protect the vulnerable Matabeles using whatever means possible.

We realise that Nelson Chamisa runs all over Matabeleland facing down like a warthog trying to trace the guide lines of the 1979 Grand Plan. We warn him to lift up his head and look around him, there is a very interested third party that maintains a silent presence in Matabeleland. His downfall and disappointing end to his short political career may not be delivered by ZANU PF.

It is Bulawayo, not Buruwayo.The secret is in the name of the capital. Spelt and pronounced correctly, one may not go wrong to upset the ancestors.

To fellow Matabeles we say, if rats want leaders, they choose one of their own to lead them because they are clever enough to see that if they ever make a mistake of choosing a cat as their leader that moment would be the very minute their security and peace would be compromised. No day would pass without them mourning. Are rats more intelligent than us? Let us learn from animals!

The security and happiness of the people of Matebeleland is in the establishment  of  The Republic of Matebeleland ie RoM.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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