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Uniting to Combat Cholera: A Call for Hygiene and Collaboration

03 Nov 2023 at 18:03hrs | Views
Observing the distressing impact of cholera and diarrhea outbreaks, it becomes evident that the need for collective action surpasses individual differences. Here's an insight from the vantage point of a village dweller, witnessing both the blessings and challenges in a rural setting.

Amidst the burgeoning incidents of unauthorized entries and removals, the significance of potable tap water in our community stands as a fortunate privilege. This, however, is accompanied by a disheartening situation at the business center water-point, where unhygienic practices prevail. Young students and adults alike drink directly from the tap, neglecting the crucial measures needed to prevent waterborne diseases. With provinces placed under lockdown due to cholera outbreaks, why do we remain idle? Shouldn't we fortify our communities against such afflictions by adopting better hygiene practices, such as consuming water from clean containers like sanitized plastic bottles from fizzy drinks?

Prevention always triumphs over cure, making proactive steps imperative in safeguarding public health. Yet, seeking advice from the local health center resulted in dismissive responses and a lack of guidance. These institutions, intended to nurture and provide health-related support, seem to shirk their responsibility, as revealed in the disdainful statement, "It's not my job." This begs the question: who do we turn to for guidance and redress? Shouldn't these professionals be the pillars of health guidance and support for our community?

Collaboration is pivotal in this endeavor. Both the police stations and health centers should be allies in promoting community well-being, diligently working to mitigate health-related concerns. However, the negligence and disavowal of responsibility from the professionals appointed for safeguarding public health has left us stranded.

As a community, the onus lies on us to initiate and maintain hygienic practices, particularly at shared water points. If not their responsibility, then whose? The water committee chairman should step in to protect the community where others have failed to acknowledge their accountability.

In parting, let's stand united against cholera and diarrhea. Every life is invaluable and merits our collective efforts to combat these diseases.

Cde Mutanda Wachingama, Mash. Central.

Source - Mutanda Wachingama
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