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Constitution of Chamisa's CCC - Wapusa Wapusa finally unveiled

20 Nov 2023 at 21:55hrs | Views
AT LONG LAST, herewith below is a link to the 2023 CONSTITUTION of CCC - Wapusa Wapusa, the new party led by Nelson Chamisa, which he first announced on 23 September 2023 at a public meeting in Chinhoyi – some of whose key organs [like Bureau of Administration] he first made public on 11 October 2023 in Harare, before that bureau appeared in Jameson Timba's founding affidavit, as the deponent, in the pending urgent High Court application to interdict the recalls of MPs and Councillors who have ceased to be members of CCC formed on 22 January 2022, the CCC that participated in the 2023 harmonised general election on 23/24 August 2023.

There are many astonishing things about the "Constitution", in fact there are too many to mention, suffice to say that going by a copy of a letter said to have been sent to ZEC, which is attached to the "Constitution, apparently written by Ian Makone, who signs off as the Chairperson of the "Bureau of Elections"; the date of the letter in question is 8 November 2023, while its supposed receipt by ZEC is date stamped 5 November 2023; which was a Sunday, when ZEC offices were closed.


On the "Constitution" itself, Article 7, sub-article 3 specifically says that Nelson Chamisa shall be the leader, Change Champion in Chief, Administrator and President of the party.  In full, the sub-article provides as follows:

"7.3. There shall be a leader and Change Champion in Chief (Adv Nelson Chamisa) who shall be the Administrator and President tasked by the citizens to champion, lead and guide processes of the movement in between sessions of the CNA until an elective citizen convention is held. The Change Champion in Chief shall be the chief spokesperson and chief representative of the CCC as well as the custodian of its documents, property and wellbeing."

If this is not startling, it is most certainly unheard of.

A person named in a constitution of a political party as its leader? So, Chamisa is the leader of CCC-Wapusa Wapusa by dint of the party's constitution. Chamisa's position as the "leader, Change Champion in Chief, the Administrator and President" is written in the constitution.

And anyone out there wants to claim that this is an expression democratic politics by the alleged "only authentic democratic alternative"?


On its effective date, meaning when it comes into force or operation, Article 12 provides that:

"This Constitution and its subsequent consolidated versions shall take effect on the date of signature by the Change Champion in Chief."

Well, it's best not to say anything about this, for now. In fact, it's best not to say anything about the many other astonishing features of the "Constitution" of CCC – Wapusa Wapusa; except to point out the obvious, that this CCC Wapusa Wapusa  is not the party that was founded on 22 January 2022!

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