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CCC undoing is a strategy of innovating around the familiar

09 Dec 2023 at 18:56hrs | Views
To put it bluntly, Zimbabwe's main political opposition party, the CCC, in its present construct, is wasting the people's time, resources and mostly emotions as they continue to prove through unbelievable and amateurish gaffs that they have no capacity to bring about change.

The party innovates so much around a group think and the usual which will not work against a ZANU PF that will not hesitate to take advantage of any form of weakness in the country's political game.
Will the CCC have any sensible idea or message in 2028. I doubt
The CCC, instead of evolving into a solid political party with attending and necessary characteristics such as proper structures and a clearly laid out chain of command  remains a 'movement' characterized by 'group' think rather than rationality spelt out by the leadership.

Everything that has been espoused by CCC to date has been to please the group and social media circles ,to show loyalty not to the party but the leader, Nelson Chamisa.
There is a fear in the party to state facts lest one be deemed 'stupid'.
Party members are wary about going against the grain and ideating on the uncomfortable.
At the moment one cannot convince people that even with structures, constitution, brilliant lawyers and so forth the CCC can obtain state power.

Fighting in a terrain it should by now more than know, under conditions and obstacles they are familiar with and still use the same mindset and methods just shows an unbelievable naivete, a dearth in the thinking process.
The CCC's modus operandi including its weaknesses are now familiar to its major opponent who has not hesitated to capitalize on the party's weaknesses thus the opposition will not be winning any election even if it has structures right from the cell to the presidency, a constitution and people, so long it follows the same script it has used election after election.

The party has dismally failed to innovate, around the familiar, from  2008 to 2018 the story for CCC has been the same, they should have garnered enough experience, have learnt their lessons.
Failure to shift the rules or force a change of the game altogether , adapt and counter shall haunt the CCC until it respects its major opponent, respect the people by doing what is right for the party, for the people and the nation.

Throwing out the rule book and behaving as if ascendancy to power is a given just because the party is CCC and the people are 'tired' of your opponent is a miscalculation of the highest order and no strategy at all.
If the CCC continues on the current trajectory it will lose elections till donkeys grow horns.
One can't convince CCC hardliners on the importance of 7s ( Mckinsey), that a president must not trust his courtiers and underlings to tell him the truth, that the immense power Nelson holds does not earn him respect but distorts the truth as people attempt to please him unnecessarily, that the old in his party have some wisdom that may do the party some good and that the 'new' he appears to favour largely excitable with not much to contribute with regards to moving the entity forward.

What will see in 2028, if the CCC continues on the path it is currently on, is a party that will attempt to solve problems of 2028 using the 2023 rule book which will culminate in another failure.
Their opponents have never used a 'last season's rule book', ever, always they come up with a new one they have moved from 'Nikuv's migrating ink', 'long and short sleeves', 'excel gate' and now FAZ.

The party has gone into elections without carrying out an research to see if it has its best foot forward.
They believe the voters know best
That if not true and flawed thinking.
The voters, for lack of a better expression are incompetent,  they don't read manifestos, prefer charisma to character,  make up their minds without analysis, have group think and prefer loyalty to the truth.
Popularity is meaningless as election results have shown.

CCC and opposition in general seem to think that obtaining state power will be achieved by utilising existing knowledge.
The same complaints on captures, old views on rigging, international support, targeted measures, and so forth will just not work.
That has proven not to work and will not in any way, now or in the foreseeable future shack the centre of power.
Hoping that economic vagaries and suffering, without a coherent message, will swing the pendulum like in 2008, is not a strategy.
It has not worked, it will not work.
The CCC can only obtain state power if it is courageous enough to admit that it has not played the game at all and that it requires a proper strategy.

It must be willing to self-introspect, take time off with the best brains, engage new idea hunters and create and approach 2028 with a new mindset, it's the only way to have the necessary fibre to outwit and outplay Zanu Pf.

CCC needs clarity not ambiguity. Zanu Pf haina kuchipa ( it's not cheap).
Think the same, acting the same and speaking the same language is no guarantee for success, it is not health truths must be told to power, ideas presented by all and not a select-few favoured by the leader.
The CCC should read beyond the law because not all problems are solved by court processes and legal letters.

So far  the party is wasting everyone's time, change is not a strategy, it's a result of serious work and planning.

The opposition is presently in a ferris wheel, fast pit may go, but it is going nowhere.
It is time to throw out the old playbook, it does not even need revision but to be completely discarded.
If the party, in its current state does not change, they are wasting time on this idea called change.
For innumerable cycles the complaints have been about the security sector, courts, chiefs, rigging, intimidation and the electoral body that is now a tired song
The idea that fighting and not negotiating with elders is a strategy is defective.
Bringing in thousands just to say " yes" is no solution.
Being appeased by half-truths and hero worshiped will not work dissenting voices are needed.
Without innovating in new terrains, diversifying teams and ability to agree to disagree forget state power.

Brian Sedze is a strategy, innovation and tax consultant. He also is president of Free Enterprise Initiative

Source - Brian Sedze
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