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Members of MDC Alliance standing committee launched CCC

15 Dec 2023 at 09:27hrs | Views
JOB SIKHALA, AS VICE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN OF THE MDC-ALLIANCE, chaired the National Council meeting of the MDC-ALLIANCE, which on 22 January 2022 formed and founded CCC.

About that day and that meeting, Prof Welshman Ncube authoritatively confirmed yesterday that:

"As of 22 Jan 2022 I was VP of MDCA which on that date by resolution of its National Council resolved to reconstitute itself as CCC and participate in the March 2022 by-elections under that name.  At that meeting the National Council didn't resolve to dissolve itself."

This is a pregnant fact.

It is important to unpack this fact and to understand it because it is at the heart of the national political question of the moment, which has become everyone’s concern, business or interest, one way or another, regardless of one’s political affiliation.

There are at least five notables about this.

FIRST, apropos the confirmation by Prof Ncube, note and underline that the MDC-A, "by resolution of its National Council RESOLVED TO RECONSTITUTE ITSELF AS CCC AND PARTICIPATE IN THE MARCH 2022 BY-ELECTIONS UNDER THAT NAME".

The factual and legal import of this confirmation is that on 22 January 2022, the highest policymaking body of the MDC-Alliance, as it was constituted between April 2020 and January 2022, RECONSTITUTED itself CCC National Council.

This is how CCC was formed and founded as a constitutive body.

SECOND, note and underline that, "AT THAT MEETING THE NATIONAL COUNCIL DIDN'T RESOLVE TO DISSOLVE ITSELF." In other words, as you read this, the National Council that formed and founded CCC still exists intact, because it “didn’t dissolve itself”.

THIRD, note that on the attached video clip taken on 24 January 2022, when CCC was unveiled to the public following its formation on 22 January 2022, and after the nomination of CCC candidates for the by-elections held on 26 March 2022, it was unveiled by members of the Standing Committee of the MDC-ALLIANCE who were, as they are, clearly identified and introduced as such by Mahere, who herself was on that day, MDC-ALLIANCE National Spokesperson before the unveiling of CCC, and who immediately became the CCC National Spokesperson, after the unveiling of CCC.

FOURTH, note and underline that among the members of the MDC-ALLIANCE identified by Mahere by their position as office bearers, was Job Sikhala, whom Mahere introduced by his position of MDC-A VICE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN, and Sikhala immediately thereafter on that day, 22 January 2022, became CCC VICE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN.

FIFTH, note and underline that Job Sikhala's last post or tweet on this platform, before his unjust jail without bail, was on 16 June 2022. On that day Sikhala posted:

"Dear Zimbabweans:
Thank you. I love you 💗💗💗😘all

Again, note that when Sikhala shared this post or tweet on 16 June 2022, two days after he was arrested, he was CCC Vice National Chairman as shown in the details of his X account to this day:

Clearly, on 16 June 2022 Job Sikhala was CCC Vice National Chairman, his X account still identifies him as such to this day.

Yet Nelson Chamisa and his acolytes would have everyone think otherwise, namely, that Job Sikhala is not CCC National Vice Chairman; alleging that there are no positions and no members in CCC; and that only Chamisa is the one and only office bearer in CCC; and that everyone else only gets “tasks” or “assignments” from Chamisa.

First, in light of the foregoing, and given that the constitutive body that on 22 January 2022 formed and founded CCC as a collective entity did not and has not dissolved itself; what constitutive body formed the “new CCC” which Chamisa and his acolytes now say has only one office bearer, Nelson Chamisa and no one else?

Second, just when, in other words on what date, did CCC break away from its collective founding, with the consequence of abolishing, for example, Job Sikkhala’s position as CCC Vice National Chairman, and under what constitutive authority, did CCC become a one-man party with a Chamisa-centred constitution, which was recently submitted to the High Court of Zimbabwe?


Below is a verbatim transcription of the audio of the attached video clip:

Honourable Advocate Fadzayi Mahere Presiding:
"Firstly let me begin by apologising for the delay in starting, it was not our fault; ZEC had raised various technical issues that have a bearing on the announcement that's about to be made by the people's president, Advocate Nelson Chamisa. It gives me huge pleasure to introduce to you the chief spokesperson of the party.

But before I do so, let me acknowledge all the members of the [MDC-A] STANDING COMMITTEE that are here present; particularly the secretary general [Charlton Hwende], the vice chairperson of the party [Job Sikhala], and all our members of the STANDING COMMITTEE who are standing here today.

We have consistently said as the MDC-ALLIANCE that this is a year [2022] of launching the biggest political campaign that this country, the region indeed the continent have seen.

So, without further ado, I'm going to defer proceedings to the chief spokesperson of the party, the people's president, Advocate Nelson Chamisa".

Advocate Nelson Chamisa [Officiating]:
"When you get the citizens in the right mode, reconstruction becomes easy. And that’s why we must listen to the citizen; and that's why the new outfit has a perfect and beautiful name, beautiful to even have a meal with; or for those like Blessing who like wine to have a nice drink for it: The Citizen Coalition for Change. Once again, the new baby, the Citizen Coalition for Change.

So, it is indeed clear that the National Council of the MDC-Alliance political party that existed between April 2020 and January 2022 reconstituted itself into CCC on 22 January 2022; and that, as captured on the attached video clip, the MDC-Alliance’s Standing Committee launched CCC on 24 January 2022.

It is also clear from all the court cases involving the recalled MPs or Councillors that Sengezo Tshabangu is the interim [temporary] secretary general of the CCC party that was formed before the 23/24 August 2023 general election, on 22 January 2022 and launched on 24 January 2022 by a constitutive body, which morphed from the MDC-Alliance that factually existed between April 2020 and January 2022. This CCC has an interim constitution inherited from the interim of the MDC-Alliance, and that constitution is before the courts. The key policymaking body of this CCC is the National Council.

Furthermore, and based on the evidence before the courts in the cases brought by recalled MPs or Councillors who say they belong to an CCC party led by Nelson Chamisa; the founding of that party was announced after the 23/24 August 2023 general election, on 23 September 2023 in Chinhoyi. This CCC has a one-man party interim constitution centred on Nelson Chamisa, which was unveiled on 8 November 2023, and which is also before the courts. The key policymaking body of this CCC is the Citizens National Assembly (CNA).

Why is Charlton Hwende not the secretary general of the CCC founded on 22 January 2022? He is available and in the best position to answer that question. What appears to be the case so far, is that he belongs to the CCC whose founding was announced on 23 September 2023, which has a one-man party constitution unveiled on 8 November 2023.

Otherwise, in effect, the situation that now obtains, of the existence of two different political parties with the same name of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is more or less similar to the situation that existed in 2005 when there were two different political parties that went by the same name of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

There’s still a lot more to be clarified but the situation is becoming clearer by the day, as things begin to fall in place!

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