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Heavily Militarised government is the reason for economic meltdown

10 Apr 2024 at 22:25hrs | Views
I am compelled by love of my country to delve deep into the core issues that hinder progress and meaningful development including but not limited to the abuse of power and intimidation of citizens by state agents.

The first symptoms of miscalculation and apparent madness manifested itself immediately after the attainment of independence from the British government in 1980. The government rigorously engaged in State Sponsored Genocide instead of focusing on economic growth and fostering unity among citizens.

However, it committed itself relentlessly on brutal executions of unborn and born babies including grandmothers of Matabeleland origin for one primary reason to divide and rule or neutralise the opposition.

For decades the country descended into a complete mess largely due to incompetence at the pinnacle of government. When advised about the best way forward, the government takes a defensive posture that doesn't help in combating the challenges that bedevil our country since the so called botched independence.

Apparently, the government of the day only serves the interests of the few in government and military personnel including their sons and daughters.

The solutions to the problems we face as a nation lies in our hands that is to limit the number of opposition political parties which needlessly split crucial votes needed for removal of the worst government in living memory. Mathematically, if numbers of all opposition political members are added together, using past the post electoral system, Zanu would be history in the 2028 elections and numbers don't lie.

But, the military's involvement in politics is a major cause for concern. They no longer protect the country but protect their ill-gotten wealth.

Moreover, we have seen in other African countries the best option to deal with militarised, rogue states, is to take to the streets en masse so that our voices could be heard internationally, hoping for absolute assistance in holding the crooked regime to account for financially mismanagement and humanitarian crisis which have been unfolding for decades.

Zimbabwe boasts unprecedented human capital based in the diaspora. The clueless government personnel cannot turn these assets into their own advantage to ensure it benefits Zimbabwe directly. For example, Ethiopian government wants Zimbabwean teachers to academically empower their nationals which is a step in the right direction for them. Our own government ministers are seized with looting from the RBZ and some have become land barons.

Naturally, other countries recognise dedication, professionalism and unique skills proffered by Zimbabwean people. Conversely, Zimbabwe regime sees them as useless, hence the salary is a mere pittance.

May I urge citizens to prepare for unification of all opposition political parties against the monster at the next general election for the purpose of finally ushering in prosperity and infrastructural development after spending excruciating half a century living in abject poverty and inhumane conditions under zanu government.

As peace loving citizens, we are also aware that abductions and wanton killings of opposition members will continue unabated in military ruled State, which fiercely resisted electoral reforms to enable a fair playing field before and during the harmonised elections.

By Sithembiso Hadebe

Human rights activist

Source - Sithembiso Hadebe
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