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Africa must move with time

23 May 2024 at 19:18hrs | Views
As we commemorate Africa Day, we need to reflect on the potential the continent has and devise ways to improve on our weaknesses and make the continent great.

Africa is often referred to as a "land of riches" due to its abundance of natural resources, including oil, diamonds, platinum, gold, and other minerals.

We have untamed markets in Africa that need to be exploited. Some estimates suggest that the continent is home to over 30% of the world's mineral reserves. However, this wealth has often been exploited by foreign powers, and much of the population still lives in poverty due to corruption, a lack of infrastructure development, and a lack of access to education and healthcare.

For example, in Zimbabwe, we have plenty of mineral deposits such as nickel, gold, platinum, and diamonds.

Africa must desist from this idea of exporting unfinished products to other continents but must add value to the produce in order to have that competitive advantage.

We should aspire to build strong institutions and improve our healthcare services. A healthy continent will surely spur economic growth.

In Zimbabwe, for example, we have witnessed a number of people dying of curable diseases, and the majority of the people have no access to good health care. Politicians and a few who are rich are the only people who can have access to health care and seek treatment outside the country, leaving the majority vulnerable to diseases because of poverty.

Africa needs a new approach to its politics for the continent to move forward. The continent cannot be moving around with a begging bowl all the time. We have vast land in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other African countries. We should utilise such land through agriculture.

There are several factors that have contributed to the underdevelopment of African politics.

We have noticed a lack of political will to address these challenges, like the issue of colonialism. The legacy of colonialism has left many African countries with a weak state apparatus and political institutions that have struggled to maintain stability and deliver public services.

The issue of ethnic and religious divisions on the African continent has been retarding its growth. In the Zimbabwe context, we still have the unresolved Gukurahundi era, which up to now the government of the day has failed to solve. We continue to have coups and attempted coups on the continent. Right now, genocide is taking place in the troubled Sudan-Dafur region, where about eight million people have been displaced and need humanitarian assistance.

Many African countries have diverse ethnic and religious groups that have struggled to find a common national identity, which has contributed to conflict and instability.

Poor leadership cannot be left out. Some African leaders have used their power for personal gain rather than for the development of their countries, which has hindered economic growth and social progress.

A healthy continent is a solution to the development of the continent. The African continent is still battling with diseases.

There are several reasons why Africa still faces challenges with diseases and economic issues; lack of resources is one of them.

Many African countries lack the resources to effectively combat diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. Political instability in most African countries also comes into play.

Conflict and political instability are usually caused by poor governance, rigging of elections, and nepotism. This can negatively disrupt healthcare and economic systems, making it difficult to provide adequate healthcare and maintain economic growth.

We cannot also ignore climate change. Climate change is having a significant impact on Africa, with extreme weather events and rising sea levels causing displacement and food insecurity. Right now, the Sadc region is facing a drought, which will affect millions of people in their communities. This has the potential to cause disease outbreaks.

However, there are many potential solutions to help improve the situation in Africa.

Some possible solutions include fostering accountability and good governance. Establishing strong, democratic institutions that promote transparency, accountability, and the rule of law can help reduce corruption and promote economic growth within the continent.

Investing in education and health through providing access to quality education and healthcare. This can help to improve the skills and health of the population, which can lead to economic growth.

We need to keep promoting peace and stability on the continent and forging strong unity among our nations. Reducing conflict and promoting peaceful resolution of disputes can help create a more stable environment for economic growth.

Happy Africa Day!

X: @Leokoni.

Source - Leonard Koni
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