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Abednico Bhebhe hits back at Jonathan Moyo

13 May 2013 at 06:30hrs | Views
The Sunday News of 12 May 2013 carried a story "Rethink your loyalty to MDC-T" written by Lawson Mabhena having interviewed Jonathan Moyo who echoed these sentiments.

It is his opinion and as a democratic party we support freedom of speech.

However if a statement towards the party becomes malicious then we are forced to reply and clarify such issues because we cannot let some individuals bring our party and its members to disrepute.

Such nefarious reports are meant to hoodwink the public into believing that the MDC-T is a monstrous party that seeks to plunder the resources of Zimbabwe while enriching themselves.

In the first paragraph of the story he (Jonathan Moyo) says "after 14 years if you had continued to get nothing, you can't continue and get something". He should realize that the liberation movement fought a protracted war for 15 years against Ian Smith's regime.

It eventually attained independence in 1980 but unfortunately when this happened, the ordinary Zimbabwean was still left stripped of their freedom, which ZANU PF deprived them of and continues doing so.

Zimbabweans entered into another revolution to get their freedom which saw the birth of the MDC. For the past 14 years, highlighted by Moyo, the MDC has continuously fought for this cause and is confident that this will be attained come the elections this year.

We will continue fighting for freedom of expression through the removal of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), a brain child of Moyo.

Again our efforts will be tireless to remove the hindrance to free assembly through POSA (Public Order and Security Act) and restore economic freedom which has been stifled by the current looting disguised under policies such as indigenisation.

It is astonishing for Jonathan Moyo to expect the people of Matabeleland to be sympathetic to ZANU PF after the Gukurahundi genocide and no efforts of reconciliation having been attempted since.

Moreover Matabeleland still remains economically marginalised by a discriminatory distribution of resources to the region.

On the other hand we as MDC-T have realized this effect which we seek to address through Devolution of power, which is one of our policies and have moreover pushed for it to be included in the new constitution.

When people are fighting a revolution, they do not expect to get an incentive but rather the end is what they vie for, hence MDC-T will strive to win the election so that everyone can get a piece of the national cake contrary to what Moyo is trying to portray.

Finally he mentioned that MDC-T has been voted for consistently in Harare and Matabeleland, also true is that it has gained momentum having managed to garner support in Manicaland where it has 20 out of 26 seats and Masvingo as well which has 14 out of the 24 seats.

This proves that the MDC-T is gaining popularity countrywide and definitely going to acquire three more provincial territories and I suppose Moyo can take a wild guess which these are.

Judging from this alone it is then demonstrated that MDC-T is a serious threat to ZANU PF and can effortlessly get the majority vote because the gospel of freedom has taken the country by storm.

To clear the air the MDC T will not take away any land from the people but will set up a land commission that will also entail land audits and ensure there is a fair distribution of land and that the land is used to its full potential.

MDC T is also geared to creating a million jobs for the people of Zimbabwe in its first five year tenure in government, hence it is nothing but a people driven party.

Source - Abednico Bhebhe
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