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Equip the youths and protect the country

11 Mar 2015 at 10:10hrs | Views

Reaction tendencies that have characterised opposition political parties in Africa, simply tells a tale of foreign influenced decisions that are counterproductive and anti people to say the least.

Without necessarily prophesying ignorance of what is happening in the circles of MDC T up to Z, a look at their reason for existence,  nothing tangible has been achieved lately save for  perennial dwelling on "slip of the tongue" and criticism of even irrelevant eventualities. Gentlemen and ladies ‘opposition has to make sense' otherwise it's only the voice of the west which is audible while you sink into political oblivion.

The unthinkable dismissal of the national youth service reflects on the treacherous behaviour of trading the country over bread and butter issues. Indeed we need to fix the economy but the drive calls for resilient youths who, like their predecessors can, unchain the bondage of imperialism.

The MDC formations political principals have sound national service in their backyards that is designed to guard against any form of infiltration be it cultural or threat to their survival. Their persistence in keeping Africa on its knees, begging and directing the route for development for the continent, is the brainchild of such innovations as national youth service.

The bottom line and bench mark for the service is that the country comes first before anything. Tell me you are not seeing that you are made to trade your own country in a way. Imperialists have a motto which goes ‘to hide a secret from a black man, put it in writing'. President Mugabe was wise enough to get the nation educated because he knew of such malicious notion. Indeed schools, colleges and universities were built but the political patriotism was left wanting.

The national youth service is an extension of the education curriculum and once fully fleshed it will be a hindrance to any form of infiltration by the country's detractors.

Wake up and smell the coffee Africa, Economic Structural Adjustment Policy (EASP) was coined to do away with our self sustenance beginning with rubbishing free education and healthcare. All this was meant to cripple the mindset of an African and incapacitate the working population if one takes a closer look at the developments that time.

For opposition politicians to hide behind economic factors to dismiss national youth service is a nullity as sovereignty comes first before anything. It is a pity we are fire fighting the machinations of the West but once the country's institutions, like national youth service are established, then adverse elements will be dealt with before they see light of the day.

 If the programme is re-launched successfully, Zimbabwe will join South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Lesotho in the region which offer the service for the youths.

The US and Britain have a similar programme and a policy where one has to save in the army for them to qualify into a public office. There is also The Patriotic Act of 2006 in the US which fosters patriotism in the country.

There is nothing peculiar about the programme; the fear of it comes from the west who wants to protect their looting and divisive antics. The service is most vital and yields immensely in the wake of social, political and economic instability and gives the youths a sense of belonging and political correctness.
May the opposition politicians make themselves useful by being pro-active than being mere puppets and watchdogs of the west's interests.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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