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As the gods speak to MDC-T

26 Mar 2015 at 14:50hrs | Views
Just how long will it take for the MDC-T supporters and sympathizers to realise theirs is a wild goose chase. The notable man of God, TB Joshua already prophesied that Tsvangirai will never rule Zimbabwe.

Call Tsvangirai's behaviour infantile and names but the bottom line is he is not deciding on his own but with a bunch of delusional lieutenants. These guys' decisions have a very consistent backlash which often leaves them divided and pointing fingers.

Ahead of the March 2008 harmonised elections they advocated for the amendment of the constitutional provision which recognised any margin of a win in votes adopting the 51- 49 percent margin. This saw them kiss away their closest chance against Zanu-PF.

The matter is however, not to discuss the near misses but to listen to the silent and yet decisive voice of those who passed on specifically for the Zimbabwean cause from the colonial settlers. The MDC-T situation is a typical relive of the circumstances at the tour of Babel where God stirred confusion by differing the languages of those overzealous constructors of the famous tour to heaven.

The opposition cannot talk in one language, because what they are aiming to achieve is divinely unjustifiable. The chaos in the MDC formations is just crude and peculiar to Zimbabwe. Evidently, Zimbabwe 'ine vene vayo' (Zimbabwe has its rightful owners ordained by life sacrifices).

Enter the chucking of 21 legislators. The renegades literally bolted out of the Tsvangirai cabal following Biti weakening the already ailing MDC-T. The reasons are equally frivolous and best known to them. It was clear there ought to be a by election to replace the rebels but Tsvangirai decides not to participate.

A suicide mission indeed, but all this didn't call for an astronaut to make sense of the stars and then make a decision. If they remain steadfast to the boycott, the move would be a kind donation of the seats to Zanu-PF. If Tsvangirai wants in again, then he presents himself as equally unstable character, one of the qualifications of a bad leader even at family level. That's a catch 22 situation.

Besides all this there is an interesting angle to note. Surely, under these circumstances it is better to swallow pride and ensure continuity of what one believes in.

Tsvangirai is human and has thought about this, but the problem is the man hasn't got money to participate in the by elections and has no guts to tell his supporters that he has been dropped by his wary funders.

The recent visit to the US where he met virtually nobody and the Dzamara antics are all evidence to try and raise funds to participate in the by elections and retain the seats which are at stake.

The political impasse leaves the MDC on a free fall as the scattered leadership ponders the next move. It then boggles the mind whether this is mere confusion, miscalculation or political dwarfness? The gods have spoken again, it is a matter of time before our brethren throw in the towel.

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Source - Caitlin Kamba
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