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Xenophobia; the hidden hand of the West

28 Apr 2015 at 16:33hrs | Views

They say situation is the best commander; hence reaction to a given scenario can be a barometer with which the levels of concern or seriousness to address issues can be measured. South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President, Julius Malema, reiterated the above assertion and indeed it makes sense.

The social media, whatsapp in particular, is awash with a video clip showing Malema chronicling, in South African parliament, stern interventions made by the country's head of state to quell social unrest that had bedevilled the nation. However, the way xenophobia is being handled speaks a lot about the story behind the story.

Despite the careless and irresponsible statement by the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, the South African State apparatus could have done better in containing the verbal diarrhoea of the misguided king. To then have South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma say that "we hear the concerns of our people and cannot ignore them" echoes some degree of xenophobic justification from the authorities of that country.
Testimonies by the survivors of the heinous attacks have it that meetings to attack foreigners were carried out during working hours when the victims were busy at their respective work places. Whether the meetings were sanctioned or not, the SA authorities knew something was in the pipelines given that they were not secretive at all.

Thus the inhuman and barbaric attacks are spontaneous and deliberate. Law abiding citizens cannot group themselves to smear mud on their nation's international image while law enforcers look on. Indeed opinion leaders had a hand in this entire fracas. The first suspect is obviously the dull Zwelithini.
It is imperative to note that only the unreasonable and those with a limited intellectual capacity are used as pawns to peddle ideas of the elite. The elite are those who have the means of production in an economy and concurrently influence the means of mental production.

Zwelithini, in this jigsaw puzzle, is just but a front; whose front becomes the next question. For some reason or the other, President Zuma maintained his silence on this king and nothing to reprimand him was done.

This is despite the infringement of the freedom of movement and violation of the international law provision that the host country should protect foreigners habitat in it.

However, the deafening silence of the self styled world's policemen (the West), whose so called thrust is to ensure human survival and observation of human rights, leaves a lot to be desired. For the west to maintain dead silence on the xenophobic attacks leaves their hands dripping with blood by error of omission to execute their self allocated duty like they have always done.

Also of interest to note is the automatic sparing of the white community from the anti foreigners crusade and butchering. Why the whites remain sacred cows in the whole hoax confirms their input altogether. If it is about South Africa liberating itself from foreigners, the xenophobia shouldn't be seen to be selective. Afrophobia or Negrophobia, name it, is just deliberate efforts to forge identity to this west orchestrated manslaughter.

Just until when shall Africa realise we are being made to fight against one another for the sake of pleasing the West?

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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