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Xenophobia in South Africa escalates at diplomatic levels

30 Apr 2015 at 05:47hrs | Views

Why should he apologize for telling the truth?  Du Preez was spot on, what gave him criticism is his Afrikaner background. If it was a black he would not have had such a backlash and ignorant response from Edward Zuma and all those who hailed accusations on him. I strongly support Du Preez and his views on xenophobia. Again this stone-age-culture-of-polygamy of the Zulu Tradition is long overdue, an embarrassment to the global village. It will take an educated mind and empowerment of women in Zululand itself to know that polygamy has long past its sell by date. It is patriarchal and chauvinistic setups that denigrate, reduce, undermine and insult the position of a Zulu woman and her womanhood in a global developing world. To still think that the Zulu men can reduce women and bundle them in one household and you tell the world its Zulu traditions is absurd to say the least! What are these traditions that remain unchallenged by the very ANC revolutionaries that went to war to liberate those very rigid societal structures among one of them, "culture of the Zulus" that impede personal development and empowerment of women? Women according to the Zulu King are objects, silhouetted personalities who duties are mainly to breed future monarchs. The second liberation in southern Africa is the liberation of the woman and the girl-child and it will be a nasty one. I leave this topic about women's' liberation in southern Africa for another time and not now.

We have seen it all and sundry coming from the King of Zululand and the son of the President Zuma, Edward. These two people uttered reckless statements, incited xenophobia in South Africa that resulted in the killing of seven people in most brutal methods the world will still have to contend with. It would appear that it has not dawned on President Zuma that there is indeed xenophobia in his country deliberately ignited by King Zwelithini, Edward Zuma and some ministers in the ANC government. These dangerous and reckless utterances triggered it to instill fear on the foreigners most of them are Zimbabweans, (3 million of them in SA) so that they leave South Africa and this has happened in the way it was masterminded. Zimbabweans, Malawians and many other foreign nationalities are leaving South Africa. Mission accomplished. The trick worked, however the price, it does not matter.  If the State of South African Institute can gun down 34 of its own nationals, what is dead seven of foreign nationality?

This trigger of xenophobia resulting in horrific killings can have much more lethal repercussions, turning the whole southern region into chaos and anarchy. The ignorant and bigoted King of the Zulu people does not see beyond his nose the danger of his utterances. An educated King should know that as King he should never utter words like "lice" and "ticks" to dehumanize other nationalities, under normal circumstances he can be made answerable in the international court of justice in the Haig just for inciting violence against unprotected foreigners living in South Africa. This is language that fascist Hitler used against the Jews, to justify his genocidal acts against them, he called them "lice" before he exterminated them.  Again if he was educated he would know that as a leader he is accountable for inflammatory statements that incite violence that can have the potential be genocidal. If Edward Zuma was indeed educated he would know that the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the II and all her children, grandchildren, children's children, with their cousins and extended families in the Royal Firm are not above the law of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. They are all responsible for whatever words and statements she says in the public. Was Prince Harry not taken to task when he wore a Hitler badge at a birthday party? Was Prince Harry not seriously reprimanded when he called a Pakistani soldier "Paki?" He was made to apologize to the nation in truth and honesty and the nation accepted his humble apology. It seems this is what is lacking in African Institutions, humbleness and honor up to what one said. When the King of Zululand called Mbizo, he felt short of saying sorry. He is a King, cannot go so low as to say sorry, he has to twist his words and say his words were taken out of context. Out of context because a King of Zululand cannot say sorry!   Should the xenophobic violence still escalate he will be made to answer for those atrocities against foreigners at the highest court of law. This, they should know both of them the King of Zululand and the son of the President Jacob Zuma. If the King of Zululand was educated, he was going to know that to have so many women is to tell women that they are not worth anything at all. He cannot cling to 15th century traditions that undermine the modern woman of today despite the computer age we live in. They play with the poverty of women and exploit the youthfulness and effortless beauty of the Zulu girls. The world has changed and the Zulu people need to keep abreast with global developments. Those six Mercedes Benz cars that the king's wives are going to get from the government of South Africa were invented and produced by a culture of people that told themselves that their culture changes with time and culture is dynamic not static hence there are innovative and advanced and the Zulu King is a consume of this German invention and innovation.

"They" laugh at us literally about our inability to cope with global development. We shall always be giving excuses about our ancient Zulu traditions in 2015. The King should instead be challenged to read intensively and be able to master global economics, how e.g. the Wall Street functions in relation to his home country South Africa is affected. He should read a lot to understand how the World Bank, World Bank Groups, what is Washington Consensus, what is Neo-Liberalism in connection and relations to South African economy. He will be surprised and shocked to learn that a poor foreigner like Emmanuel Sithole, who died for nothing, is not to blame for South Africa's shrinking economy, but the global markets are dictating the economy in South Africa. The more he reads the more he will realize that he just needed one wife and not six of them, there is no time for six wives in this exponentially growing global developments. President Zumba, coming from KwaZulu Natal on Monday 20th made a video speech at the ANC Headquarters. It was shocking to learn that even the President himself, President Zuma does not understand xenophobia in his country he administrates. To tell the nation at the height of xenophobic attacks that there are 4000 Zimbabweans in South African prisons is provocative enough to cause violence related to xenophobia. To say that Emmanuel Sithole was killed by Tsotsis and it is not xenophobia does not help him anyhow as he is fast losing foresight of the causes of it. To seek collective answers in schools by educating them History about pan Africanism, what about the very Tsotsis who are not in the main stream formal schools, who cannot afford to buy a newspaper to educate him/herself about Pan Africanism, about the violent culture that must be explained and be put behind? It is these soft spots that are seen and targeted as culprits of xenophobia; the Tsotsis, the foreigners, Du Preez is also a soft target since he is Afrikaner and white. These Tsotsis got the fuel from the King of Zululand to kill. The President does not mention a word about the King and the reckless Ministers in his ANC cabinet as the main cause of xenophobic unrests, he does not reprimand his son Edward either for his un-repented utterances that were very reckless and dangerous and ignorant and bigoted.

President Zuma does not delve into the economy as the culprit to all these xenophobic attacks. He, the President had to refurbish his Inkandla home with illicitly accessed government funds. (Corruption to the core) His administration has to give some future perspective to all these idle and jobless youths that he calls Tsotsis. President Zuma should also know that even if all foreigners left the country, those dissatisfied and unemployed people in the shanty settlements of most towns and cities of the country will still seek another soft spot to attack and vent their anger on, as a way to air their dissatisfaction regarding austerities in the country. A hungry stomach is vicious. Few people benefited from independence of South Africa. Black people do not have the economic power, they find it hard and impossible to break through, not in their life time. These are King Zwelithini's inflammatory words verbatim: "they dirty out streets, there are foreigners everywhere, their shops, we do not know which one belongs to who, we have to deal with our lice and ticks, we ask foreigners to pack their belongings and go back to their countries." While we are all equal before the law, is it each country for itself and God for us all? African countries should have known this long back.  Und der lieber Gott für uns alle!

Ugogo omncane
Nomazulu Thata

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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