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Of Script-writers for journalists

01 Feb 2016 at 19:15hrs | Views
The ZANU PF-verge-of-collapse oracle by some sections of the media sympathetic to the opposition political parties leaves one wandering whether we are having screenplay writers for journalists in Zimbabwe.

Fiction has eroded journalism ethics with the scribes deliberately conveying lies for the purposes of agenda setting. No matter how foolhardy a story is someone runs with it regardless of the consideration whether it will stand the test of the truth.

Desperation seems to have intensely gripped the opposition and its mouthpieces to the extent of cheer leading the supposed catastrophic factional and secessionist fights in ZANU PF. Literary there is no more business at these camps, thus they have resorted to following events at the revolutionary party and spinning them for their benefit.

In politics they say "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake". If indeed the factional and successionist fights are as callous as the opposition and some sections of the media would want us to believe, it would be to their benefit so why would they make news out of it?

Opposition is thus not making sense and they ought to sit down and think of a way to make themselves useful to Zimbabwe.

There may be differences in ZANU PF but certainly they will not degenerate into the splinters, particles and molecules as is the case with the MDC-T.

The difference is ZANU PF is mature and disciplined party that can never collapse by a few expulsion of weeding out rotten elements for the common good of the party and Zimbabwe as a whole. This has seen it successfully facing off the colonial regime by maturely dealing with internal rebellions causing minimal damage to their ultimate goal; winning the liberation war.

With MDC-T and likeminded opposition elements power hungry individuals sacrifice their cronies and implement measures that harm even the electorate thereby losing track of the perceived goal. Everyone wants to be a leader and will perform any form of sabotage to get on top of the food chain.

Their ascension to the top of the food chain is characterized by sabotage and not productive competition. This shows in the way they follow developments in ZANU PF, bad or good. Instead of manipulating the situation and providing a working alternative they cheer on the warring differences which does not give them any credit.

Zimbabweans will not benefit from cheers and desperate hopes for a total failure in ZANU PF.

Unbeknown to the opposition ZANU PF is like a phoenix when one celebrate its demise it emerges stronger an element the rest of opposition political parties does not possess.

There is no collapse of the centre in ZANU PF, neither is the country on auto pilot. For those not heeding the message to desist from any divisive elements, the way side is waiting for them as proven before.

The opposition should just work and prove their worthy while the media desist reporting on shadows and reflect correctly events taking place on the ground.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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