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No pay for doom Sayers

12 Feb 2016 at 10:30hrs | Views
The much awaited explosive ZANU PF, politburo meeting came and it passed without much of the anticipated drama as some sections of the media and the revolutionary party's protagonists made us to believe.

If the general public was made to believe a storm was brewing in the ZANU PF camp and needed to brace up for thrilling political action, what more of those sponsoring the agenda? Certainly there is no pay for the parrots of regime change as ZANU PF defy the odds.

Clearly someone is betting on their opinion than facts that lay bare on the ground for one to simply dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s. Rumours and corridor talks will not make the opposition grow spine rather they are exposing them of a heightened political desperation of just bad wishing ZANU PF.

It is no secret that the electorate has eyes, ears and above all sound memory that will aid on their decision making once in the ballot box.

However, if there is anything fascinating in Zimbabwean politics it is the disintegrated opposition. In their respective camps they know ZANU PF is too big for any of them standing alone. The idea of a coalition was then mooted with an overdrive of zeal to oust ZANU PF. This was regardless of their diverse political background, ideologies, luck and misfortunes.

A miracle is thus one thing that will make Zimbabweans see this coalition. It will however be one of its kind; oxymoronic. If by chance it happens to see the day of light, pardon me, the world can brace for a "satanic-messiah". This is not to be blasphemous noble readers.

The opposition is dotted just like tuck shops. They know that, save for the near focused lances which deceives them to think only Welshman Ncube's MDC establishment resembles a tuck-shop. The idea is no comprehensive shopping can be done at a tuck-shop. The establishments are for convenient purposes and nothing more. There ought to be a one stop shop for the electorate with clear cut indigenous beneficiation.

The idea of buying a cigarette here and a lighter on the next tuck shop is an unnecessary hustle. An amalgamation of the entities is equally impractical given the insatiable appetite for personal profits of these tuck-shop operators.

In a nutshell Zimbabwe is poised to have a plethora of these political mis-projections for politicking as the opposition is evidently not prepared to offer the nation any meaningful business.

There might be drama at ZANU PF but significant strides towards the well being of its electorate can be traced right to its headquarters. For the opposition to get carried away that ZANU PF will one day self destruct is unyielding stubborn faith.

Of course many have been thrown out of ZANU PF on most cases for over estimating their influence. The party can shake thereafter but not crumble as is the case of many other sprouting political parties speaking with a borrowed accent.
To then craft insensible propaganda which by the after event leaves no iota of evidence indexical to what is actually transpiring on the ground bears a severe backlash on the opposition.

The electorate cannot waste time to come out in the open and say but you lied to the politicians, rather they understand the power of their vote. Because of their complacency the leaders of the conveyer belts of lies after losing the election they then tout of the rigging mantra.

The rigging element is only mentioned at the helm of leadership not the electorate. Surprisingly the electorate rarely talk avidly of this tired election excuse. Thus the leaders are perhaps the ones rigging people's opinion.

The pattern of events is clear since the emergence of MDC in the late 90s. It is however, time the opposition make themselves useful by initiating working alternatives than undoing every government effort and cheering ZANU PF in-house misunderstandings with the hope it will yield on their part.

Zimbabweans are tired of opportunistic politicking with no candid beneficiation on the electorate.

Source - Caitlin Kamba
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