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President Mugabe the worst wasting asset for Zimbabwe

31 Mar 2016 at 15:11hrs | Views
If it were not for weird legislation that seeks to punish people of Zimbabwe for criticising President Robert Gabriel Mugabe for being the worst wasting asset for the country, Zimbabweans countrywide would be willfully carrying demonstrations on "MUGABE MUST GO NOW" daily. The truth is even a newborn baby could today cry and pronounce that Mugabe has literary killed the country, its tradition and fauna and flora. Yet there is no rule on the statute books where resigning is a considered crime.

The USD15 billion diamond revenue not accounted for in Zimbabwe government accounts, by admission of Mr. Mugabe, is a lifesaving that would have guaranteed employment and free medical health service for all in Zimbabwe had it been employed efficiently. The wreck less leadership and dictatorship over people by Mr. Mugabe over a stretch of thirty-six years is so obviously callous that only bootlickers to the same would help sustain the same in exchange for the destruction of Zimbabwe people.

If for over a period of less than six months Mr. Mugabe has cost the country USD100 million dollars in globe rotting yielding absolutely nothing for the country, the geriatric politician is an experiment not worthy considering to lead let alone to rule the country. He is in power enabled by Zimbabweans that watch salivating to share in the spoil than voicing a concern vociferously for the national good.

Mr. Mugabe's impromptu wild attacks on other world leaders and neighbouring countries of Africa, when for example Mugabe goes on rampage accusing neighbours: "Those thieves will one day STEAL the SUN" - enraged Mugabe warns Zimbabweans on Kenya. (The Spectator: March 14, 2016) tints the image of the country as armature international relations nincompoops. We may excurse it to age, but we need to examine our vanity and greedy to see if it does not contribute to the longevity of Mr. Mugabe stay in power.

Granted that both the military and police have played their surrogate role to the system of corruption well rewarded under Zanu leadership, how though, have we as elite abroad and home failed to collaborate and cooperate in withstanding the rot than joining in the rot with little success though? Good at accusing we may, how strong at working together are we should be our next port of call in the politics of the country in order to make an impact. Mean time Mr. Mugabe envisages no retirement for him for as long as he lives (no room for sucession)

The naivety with which politics is viewed on the continent has induced a spirit of disdain and fear in ordinary citizens and veneration among those who make money from glorying the fall of Africa. To note how the likes of handpicked ministers of President Robert Mugabe speak on lack of respect to the president shades grey areas in term of appreciating the scope of democracy in Zimbabwe. Equally, to consider that numerous statutory instruments in statutes book of Zimbabwe have been passed protecting the person of Mugabe from being a human liable to criticism and blame reduces Zimbabwe politics to a boarding school drama where the headmaster is not accountable for abuse of students.

To imagine that Mr. Mugabe has played his divide and rule political game in Zanu from the death of Herbert Chitepo during liberation struggle, to the accident of General Josiah Tongongara and many more events that followed the country into independence is cause for an urgent need of a commission of enquiry. If anything, the commission will help solve the mystery of why people who wanted to reveal undercover operations always ended in a mysterious manner that sometimes coincided with a road accident or a bomb in the case of Herbert Chitepo. The December 2015 Zanu congress and subsequent political innuendoes within and outside Zanu in Zimbabwe, no doubt, underline the maturation on the outbreak of failure of Mr. Mugabe divide and rule styles.  

Recently cases of vocal and outspoken individuals' abduction by persons assumed state agents but denied so from Mr. Mugabe government surrounds life in Zimbabwe with another unsolved political freedom of speech mystery. Our politics lacks transparency since many in leadership confess that there are no skeletons in the wardrobes regarding mysteries the country politics has faced in the last three and half decades gone by. Far from seeking to be vindictive, the purpose of the commission of enquiry is so just that people get to know the truth of why this happened and who was responsible will be strong reconciliatory retribution to the country.  

A country ruled on myths and mysteries could never develop beyond the people 'butchering' and humiliating of one another syndrome condition a situation currently obtaining in Zimbabwe under the rule of Zanu. To the extent that Zimbabwe today from the breadbasket of Africa is, the poorest country in the world speaks volumes on Mugabe leadership styles. To consider that Africa honoured Mr. Mugabe as Honorary Chairman of the African Union club makes Africa a mockery if not revealing big weakness on practices of honesty and integrity generally.

If logic cannot work to reveal the bad odds, Zimbabwe people and economy are undergoing then heaven herself will have to intervene for suffering is no longer a game of amusement to survive a breed of greedy politicians. A country that survived an armed struggle may take long to wake up but the wake up turn around may be savage and more callous than the days of the dictator. It is in this context, that Mr. Mugabe inevitably becomes the worst living wasting asset to the country ever had.

In view of the above possibilities for a prolonged brutal instability arising from a dictator who runs a country blindly and for personal gains until he is passed away, a transition plan (plan B) for the country is much needed now to avert or pre-empty possible and inevitable political disaster. Avarice brewed in leadership of personal aggrandizement has never been a good recipe for a democracy. Unless one has a hidden and therefore criminal agenda on the country, it should not be difficult to see that Mr. Mugabe and his cohorts have run out of options.  

Each moment Zanu have to prolong their stay, it is for individuals' personal benefit and shall compound the yielding of disaster for the people and the effects will stay with us for a generation. Our failure as a people to differentiate honour from abuse will live with our nation for some time. Generations may stay to blame us of valour and candour for failing to lay only the escape route if we were unable to wriggle out of Mugabe military and police created state grip then.

Zimbabweans out of love for the country and for the future of our children need stand together peacefully to constitutionally bring an end to Mr. Mugabe and his Zanu failure. There will be no struggle for leadership when we do not have a country and people to rule. Priorities need to come in priority sequence on political party formation but on leadership. We need learn to avoid worst wasting assets as leaders.

Source - Andrew M Manyevere
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