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Prices galore in Buy Zimbabwe promotion

28 Oct 2011 at 05:39hrs | Views
In 1995 the new president of an apartheid-free South Africa Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of the South African rugby team Francois Piennar to lead the nation to an inspirational victory in the Rugby World Cup that was held in South Africa that year.

Our local products need the same inspiration to guide them towards convincing victory in the market place.

The thing that strikes me about this piece of history is how Mandela recognised that Black South Africans would cheer against their home squad, as the Springboks represented prejudice and apartheid in their minds. This was a completely different scenario when the Springboks went to New Zealand to defend their title this year as South Africans spoke with a united voice when they coined the motto "Go Boek . . . It's our Game."

The dream was shattered after a quarter final loss to Australia but the dream is still alive for the South Africans.

Zimbabwe could learn a thing or two from our Southern neighbours. We need to inspire confidence in fellow Zimbabweans who still have doubts on our local products, perhaps because of a lack of a clear direction we are headed as a country.

If two men from different backgrounds can bring together a divided nation through sport then surely Zimbabweans can support each other for economic prosperity and financial independence.

I believe that for Zimbabweans this is our ultimate goal, which ties well with the Millennium Development Goals.

Buy Zimbabwe might not be as iconic as Mandela but we share the same concerns and are prepared to go the extra-mile even well beyond the "long walk" already travelled.

Enough about Mandela and the Springboks and straight to the Buy Zimbabwe Week Promotion which is designed to show that we too can build a proud nation of competitive Team Zimbabwe brands that can compete with any other international products and services.

The overall beauty about the Buy Zimbabwe Campaign is that we are constantly circulating the length and breath of the socio-economic environment of Zimbabwe seeking tangible benefits of buying Zimbabwe.

While we have learnt from many other successful buy local campaigns, we have seen that it is important to go beyond the emotional and sentimental value of Buy Zimbabwe but to discover ways that bring value to the consumer, the business and the economy. Tangible benefits are about "Going Beyond Words".

As a result the Buy Zimbabwe Campaign is based on the undeniable strength of an array of proudly Zimbabwean brands which are backed by institutions and business associations whose mandate is to promote and advance trade and business which include ZNCC, CZI, NECF, CCZ and Zimtrade among others.

That said, the forthcoming Buy Zimbabwe Week promotion shall be a test of that inner strength the Zimbabwean brand possesses which has seen it endure tough times but still rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Picture Mazoe Orange Crush, Tanganda tea bags, Buttercup, Gold Seal, Turnall's Garden ware and flower pots, Olivine, Capri's refrigerators, Quick brew, TN Cash Card, Obel Petroleums, Powerbrite Scouring Powder, Mazda BT50 taking the market by storm in a unified effort with other leading local brands. This definitely is "Invictus" (Latin for undefeated or unconquered).

Say the above products were my squad; I would look forward to be as proud as Mandela when Piennar laid a kiss on the World Cup trophy in 1995.

For those that watched the movie, Invictus, you will have seen a united South African nation break out into a frenzy of excitement while a black man embraced a Whiteman and vice-versa. The rest of that story is engraved in the pages of South African history.

We too are capable of making commercial history by supporting our local products to become household names both locally and internationally.

The World should be left to wonder how a nation that nearly starved as shop shelves became emptier by the day can then turn around its fortunes and have a greater portion of local shop shelves filled with proudly Zimbabwean brands.

From Monday November 28 to Friday December 2, the country will be gripped with massive promos and spot prizes.

December 3 shall culminate in lots of grand prizes delivered by the country's great brands and leading retailer OK Zimbabwe teaming up with Buy Zimbabwe to reward consumers for their support.

While all these prizes might be charming to loyal consumers, I believe that it is the launch of the Buy Zimbabwe loyalty programme that brings about long-term shopping convenience using modern technology, which is likely to thrill consumers even more.

The Buy Zimbabwe Week promotion is, however, not only about the consumers alone but about local businesses themselves and Government. It shall be an opportunity for us to encourage businesses and

Government to buy local because they can immediately realise the benefits.

In my previous contribution I mentioned a suggestion I received from a Managing Director of one of our Buy Zimbabwe partners who suggested that companies should start to give each other incentives for buying from each other.

To me that was the best suggestion I had in years primarily because it came from a man who was ready to lead by example. Once we create an economic spider web, we ensure that we capture as much US Dollars in the country as possible. This will result in more money circulating in Zimbabwe, we grow jobs, increase the workers propensity to spend, stimulate higher sales of local products and massage our economy to be tougher not only on the subcontinent but across the world.

Go Zim . . .May the Lord bless us abundantly.

Robert Garai Muganda is the Media and Communications Executive for Buy Zimbabwe Campaign Email: Cell: 0772 714 233Website:

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