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I am 'stockholder' of Zimbabwe says Chiwenga - echoes Mugabe did not want to hear

22 Apr 2016 at 18:26hrs | Views
"We are stockholders of the country," said Zimbabwe's Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga. "Some are stakeholders. Stakeholders will come and go, but stockholders have nowhere to go, so we stockholders, we come with it (Zimbabwe)."

These are echoes of "We will never salute anyone with no liberation war credentials!" by the General and other top brass securocrats! It was a pre-emptive warning in case the people elected Morgan Tsvangirai president! This time the remark is directed at Grace Mugabe and her G40 faction.

"To the extent that stockholders are stakeholders, the people are the only stockholders in and of Zimbabwe," twittered Higher Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, the self-appointed spokesperson of the phantom G40 faction – President Mugabe keeps warning against factional fighting in Zanu PF but has yet to acknowledge the G40 faction.

One is tempted to agree with Minister Moyo but must resist the temptation. The Minister cheered and applauded when the securocrats issued the same treasonous statements when it was Tsvangirai who was their target.

Besides nothing Professor Moyo says should ever be taken at face value; since when has he become the champion of the people? It is no secret that ever since Professor Moyo returned from Kenya and joined Zanu PF in 1999, he has played a pivotal role in the party's vote rigging shenanigans. He clearly did not believe the people were the "only stockholders in and of Zimbabwe" then!

To comeback to General Chiwengwa, he is just a simpleton who was promoted way above his level of competence and hence the reason he is wittering.

The real stockholders of Zimbabwe are the people and they, and they alone, have THE say on who should be president of the country and who should step down. It is not for General Chiwengwa or any of his fellow security services chiefs to tell the people who can and cannot be president.

General Chiwenga was quoting almost word for word what one of the war vet said to President Mugabe after he tried to dismiss war vets as affiliate members of Zanu PF. The President was told in no uncertain terms that he and other party leaders are the stakeholders who can "come and go" and the war vets are the true owners of Zanu PF!

President Mugabe brainwashed the General and his fellow securocrats into believing they are more important than the people and they have the power to veto the people's democratic wish. What goes round comes round the General is now parroting what he was taught and so he will not salute Grace Mugabe since she too has no liberation war credentials. None!

Source - Patrick Guramatunhu
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