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One Million Men Marching For Nothing

17 May 2016 at 19:23hrs | Views
Zapu believes that the people of Zimbabwe like any other from all over the world have a right to express themselves on issues that affect them be they political, economic or social. Under normal circumstances we view any march, protest or demonstration as an expression to convey a particular message on a well-defined and indeed logical issue. A Zapu government will guarantee the right and freedom of association permitting members to advocate for their beliefs through various means.

However one has more questions that cannot be answered neither by the participants nor by the sponsors of the One Million Men March by the ZanuPf Youth League.  The purpose is said to be to support President Mugabe. Against whom? The finger is pointing to a mysterious someone from within. These Youth are made to mobilize one million Zimbabweans especially the unemployed youth to march against an opponent of Mugabe from within the same political persuasion. Is there a sincere and honest reason for this? It is just yet another daylight diversion of the youth's attention from real issues that affect them daily.  It is an attempt to shut the eyes of the youth from their obvious economic condemnation by ZanuPf's politics of patronage that has culminated in one the world's craziest dictatorships of modern times.

 Which country has ever caused its own currency to lose value persistently, goes on to just print it until it becomes totally valueless, then decides to use multi currencies of some neighbouring countries and the US dollar, then according to BBC is now printing its own US dollars? The talk is one million march but the question is: After this One Million March then what? Will these youth find answers to their economic plight?  2 million jobs were promised in 2013! How many have since been employed? An honest answer would be not even a hundred and even those working are not paid.  Yet they must march in support of Mugabe who is under no political threat at all neither from within nor from without.

The worst thing about this march for nothing is the latest news that the Zanupf youth now dangles the stands for this march. The ordinary struggling youths identifiable by their efforts to sell goods in Bulawayo's city centre are "rounded up" and told that if they march they will get the stands as part of the 20,000 that Kasukuwere talked about in Parliament. Political bankruptcy up to this level is beyond imagination. Just a day's march then a poor youth gets a stand that costs thousands of US dollars? This is more than political desperation or madness. It is cruelty to these very youths. It is rendering everything valueless except the name of Robert Mugabe. Even the Nazis and the Fascists never stooped so low.  

Straight thinking youths are crying for job opportunities and not confusion that hoodwinks them into believing that by just marching one day shouting the name of the President they will be suddenly different economically. They want the ruling party to do something about its promise of 2 million jobs and not a meaningless one million march that is a waste of energy, time and money.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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