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Attempt on Nkomo's life at his Pelandaba Home

07 Jul 2016 at 16:01hrs | Views

The Sunday News 3/7/2016 published a story from a book written by a "Rhodesian soldier" under the title 'Attempt on Nkomo's Life LEST WE FORGET'.

Typical of the majority of the semi-literate racist Rhodesian soldiers the article gave its own account of how its mission failed to eliminate not only Joshua Nkomo but also what it described as Zipra's second commander Lookout Masuku.

To someone who was reading an account by Rhodesian and South African soldiers who glorify their killing of blacks even if they lost the war as evidenced by Smith's demise in Rhodesia and the eventual political collapse of apartheid in South Africa there might have been some emotional provocations and the awakening of the anti-racist and anti-colonial sentiments for sure.

But for those who underwent this pain directly or indirectly this Rhodesian attempt on Nkomo's life is nothing compared to the one at his Pelandaba home by Gukurahundi soldiers after Zimbabwe's Independence. It would be interesting to read an account by a Gukurahundi soldier of how Nkomo's unarmed body guards were killed and how Nkomo escaped from his encircled home, the township of Pelandaba and the whole city of Bulawayo.

During that period the Attempt on Nkomo's Life by Gukurahundi soldiers the Sunday News, a mouth piece of ZanuPF was publishing terrible weekly articles full of hate speech on Joshua Nkomo, ZAPU, the people of Bulawayo, Matebeleland as a whole and parts of the Midlands. People will not forget its weekly press parrot Muchandida Madoda who enjoyed himself in calling the people of Bulawayo all names of denigration that ever came to his mind.

The Sunday News maintained a deliberate silence on the brutality perpetrated by the Gukurahundi soldiers  that included mass rapes of women mobilised to military bases by local ZanuPF supporters such as one lunatic Simayedwa Khumalo and Shadreck Mantsara Ndlovu a former Rhodesian informant who even became a ZanuPF candidate. The people remember very well the callous gunning down of children and old men some of whom were kidnapped from churches to be murdered, their only crime being that they were members of Zapu led by Joshua Nkomo. Yes LEST WE FORGET that the same Sunday News glorified all the insults and calls to "crush Nkomo" by the likes of Enos Nkala.

The article of 3/7/16 by the Sunday News does not mention that the  racist soldiers went to Zambia to try and eliminate Nkomo in retaliation of the accurate knocking down of their military infrastructures and the total destruction of the governance framework in the rural areas. T

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