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Dabengwa's visit exposes lies about ZAPU

13 Jul 2016 at 18:02hrs | Views
The people of Zimbabwe have been told many types of lies about Zapu. In Bulawayo it has been said by some political parties that ZAPU is an extension of Zanupf. Even the so called Independent Press that is largely anti Zanupf has been taking giant steps to always link ZAPU and its leader Dr Dabengwa to ZanuPF. These lies left many people confused about Zapu.

When Dr Dabengwa visited the victims of police brutality in Makokoba and Burombo, the people could not believe it. The victims were not members of Zapu.  There is no election for which Dr Dabengwa could have been doing it in order to get votes like many politicians who run around making petty donations including beer to get the people's vote during election times. This was during a difficult time when the state had caused the deaths of two people and according to the residents themselves the state had tortured hundreds of them, humiliating both the young and old. This included the deliberate erosion of the people's culture and identity when they were made to sing the National anthem in Shona, rejecting the same national anthem in Ndebele. A sick old man sleeping in his room cannot be a rowdy youth and burning beds and the entire furniture in a house is not dispersing gangs of potential looters in streets.

While consoling the people the ZAPU president did not mince his words in denouncing the barbarism of those who torture fellow citizens in the name of combating hooliganism. He made it quite clear to the people of Makokoba that the objective of the struggle for freedom in which he participated is being systematically and practically soiled by government and its state machinery.

The residents who heard this were somehow surprised to hear these words from DD. They have been told that he is still ZANU PF. He never condemns the evils of Zanupf.  They have been told that opposition to Zanupf belongs to certain organisations.  Some elderly people openly said that they remember the bravery of the sixties and seventies against white supremacy and its vicious state machinery. It was only the brave who could stand up. Dr Dabengwa did exactly that once more when he drove around the suburb that is infested with armed riot police comforting the bereaved and the wounded.

The ZAPU province of Bulawayo is inspired by such a humble but no doubt a brave leader. This move by the president has indeed propelled all wings of the party to be more resolute and more committed to the ideals of our party.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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