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ZAPU rejects Mphoko insults

02 Aug 2016 at 07:56hrs | Views
Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether Zanu-PF leaders live here on earth or they choose to ignore everything and just make sure that their body guards protect them while they send armed ones to arrest, kidnap, torture, threaten and intimidate the rest of the population. This is atrocious and indeed provocative to  all Zimbabweans.  The Zanu-PF deputy leader and Vice President Mphoko insults the democracy loving people of Bulawayo because they are probably refusing to be excited by his partisan distribution of chicks that he is getting from Peter Cunningham a farmer reportedly tormented and psychologically maimed by Zanu-PF.

There are some questions to ask. Is Peter Cunningham very happy that he is giving those chicks to Zanu-PF supporters only as the situation is in Bulawayo? On his farm he had people from the community and not political activists. In Bulawayo recipients of the chicks are mobilized on a Zanu-PF ticket. This is one of the many bribes that are taking place. Zanu-PF is not doing this vote buying from Cunningham's chicks only. They are giving urban residential stands to their supporters country wide. They are distributing maize meal to their supporters only in the Western suburbs of Bulawayo.

While Zapu cannot talk a lot on behalf of Peter Cunningham it is known that the man is just a community loving farmer who has been trying to live with the people. The people who have benefited from the projects are the ones who have judged him so, hence,  Zapu joined other parties and organisations to protest against the unjustifiable and all logic defeating seizure of his farm. When Mr.  Mphoko intervened little did the people know that he wanted to use the project for his own party. Ironically it is the other faction of his party that was calling for the seizure.  Don't the people of Matopo feel hoodwinked by this false gesture of good intervention by Mr. Mphoko?

It is now clear that Mr Peter Cunningham's spirit of sharing what one has with his fellow citizens has earned the people of Matopo and Bulawayo endless insults. A senior Zanu-PF leader who is the Provincial Governor insulted the people saying that they are rendering themselves slaves to Cunningham by opposing that the farm be given to one individual. Now distributing what he has acquired from the same farmer Mr. Mphoko insults the people of Bulawayo. Other press reports say he called us "political prostitutes". The struggling masses of the high density suburbs are humiliated every day by Zanu-PF supporters who move  from door to door mobilising themselves to receive the chicks excluding those who are not members of the party.

Now that Mr. Peter Cunningham's chicks must be distributed everywhere in the whole country is he going to produce enough and still go on with his initial projects?  This is not different from what Mr. A Ncube the Provincial Governor wants which is: the destruction of the whole project.

Where on earth has one ever seen development that is based on loyalty to party politics, worse still to factional party politics?  The majority of Zimbabweans reject these political bribes. There will never be enough chicks for everyone, there can never be enough stands to give to everyone, there isn't just enough maize to feed the nation and people will find other means of survival without the maize meal handouts received after being politically purchased. The majority will not benefit and they will not simply vote for Zanu-PF.

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Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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