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The lawful offenders in opposition ranks

06 Sep 2016 at 11:03hrs | Views
The opposition forces fronting the regime change agenda have never embraced the tenets of democracy, at the core of which is the need to uphold the constitution so as to facilitate the prevalence of law and order. This is why it is laughable and utterly obtuse for Stern Zvorwadza, the vituperative MDC-T activist masquerading as a politician and vendor when he is neither but a common criminal wily enough to persistently and consistently keep on abusing the country's laws, to profess fidelity to the constitution while fomenting lawlessness.

Zvorwadza's national vendors association of Zimbabwe (NAFUZ) and its sidekick by the moniker Tajamuka have vowed to defy the law by staging an illegal demonstration in Harare, in violation of a standing order as invoked by ZRP in Statutory Instrument 101A last week banning demonstration in central Harare.

"As citizens, we respect the constitution and we want to the teach Government to respect the rule of law. The ban of demonstrations is against the spirit of the constitution. That means it's a dead law. We are calling upon all citizens to reject this bad law injustice," garrulously declared Zvorwadza.

My word, the Law Society of Zimbabwe needs to have a closer scrutiny of the credentials and practising certificate of whoever is advising Stern! For God's sake, whether he likes the law or not, it is still the law and whoever dares traverse outside its parameters risks falling foul. But then, this is neither here nor there for opposition activists because falling foul is what they crave. Need I mention Tapiwa Marimbe, Victor Dube and Jeff Judah Hosanna, who have gained superstar status in the regressive world through cyber terrorism?

But then, these two organisations are among a host of money-spinning political ponzis that continue to blight the path to political democratisation in Zimbabwe because of their unbridled hatred for ZANU PF and anything remotely associated with the revolutionary party. It is common knowledge that, right now, as progressive Zimbabweans are still grappling with the debilitating impact of unmitigated assault on the country's economy by western haters, some NGOs are nefariously shooting a documentary that purports dearth of rule of law, including police brutality.

Therein lie the crux of the matter. The quest for democracy has never been the brief of these chaps but political prominence at whatever cost and a few bucks to boot. So, the movie being shot by the NGOs, predictably to premier to gullible audience at this month's UN General Assembly, requires an imbroglio of a cast, including the likes of Zvorwadza.

 Last month, John Sparks of Britain-based Sky News reported  that a private military company called 'Wagner'  had been recruiting hundreds of Russian men and flying them down to Syria on Russian military transport planes in contravention of the that country's constitution. The source of the information was said to be one of the mercenaries identified by the news channel as Dmitry.  It turned out that the Sky News documentary was staged and Dmitry also turned out to be  a Russian actor living in Moscow, whose real name is Aleksandr Agapov, and he said that he played the role of a "Wagner" fighter at the request of the Sky News.

Therefore, it is not below these people and organisations to concoct stories and contort journalism ethics because, to them, the means justify the end.

Equally revealing is the sudden resurfacing of Tony Reeler of the infamous Research Advocacy Unit (RAU) after a long hibernation in what many may justifiably feel was glorious riddance to appalling rubbish. Reeler has never been a friend of Government, since time immemorial. He is the same person that was at the helm of Amani Trust that sought to antagonise the collective will of the people of Zimbabwe. He is among the architects of the confrontational stance that has been adopted by NAFUZ and Tajamuka and pulls a lot of influence in the regressive civic society community. This is a match literally conceived in the dark worlds.

One wonders, therefore, the purpose of the courts if organisations can, at a whim, usurp the functions of the judiciary. Even as High Court judge, Justice Priscillah Chigumba, is still to hear an urgent chamber application challenging the banning of the demos by pro-opposition political parties and groups of which the NAFUZ/Tajamuka alliance is party to, Zvorwadza is already trumpeting a war cry.

Such impertinence and impatience has been the defining trait of local opposition. The MDC-T has been in the forefront of futile efforts to precipitate bloodshed in the country on which to sail to State House following persistent drubbing by ZANU PF. Now, Zimbabwe People First of Joice Mujuru is irredeemably on the same path to oblivion. For the two parties, touted as posing a threat to the status quo, the 2018 election are barely two years away, yet they seem inpatient for the legitimate path of elections.

The lame excuse propounded by the so-called national electoral reform agenda (NERA) rhetoric, which seeks to force people to vote for the opposition only, does not sell. What does, and the opposition appreciate being favoured with frank advice, are people-oriented policies that do not turn them into neo-colonial slaves but owners of their God given resources and masters of their own destiny.

Fewer people are now taking heed of call to arms by political wannabes such as Zvorwadza because these have proven, time and time again, that they have nothing meaningful to contribute to their families, let alone the nation.

And, by the way, for this article, I will not demand anything because the last time I did, I got a size 13 boot you know where.       
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