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1890s Raids cannot be used to justify continued hatred & oppression of Matebeles

16 Sep 2016 at 10:25hrs | Views

"The Shonas from time immemorial have never been in peace with the people of Ndebele origin because of their war mongers approach to life. They raided Shonas in the 1890s with impunity and up to now no Shona person will cast a vote for a Ndebele led opposition party. I would rather vote his Excellency the President RG Mugabe than vote for a Ndebele President. This is the Shona thinking. As for MPs we will vote you guys but the presidency is for the Shonas. Only wise man from the east will rule this country."

Simbarashe Nyika made the above revealing comment on our article published by Bulawayo24 news on 9 September 2016 titled "Bulawayo is not a venue for Zimbabwe opposition vuzu parties."  Here is a comment that cannot be dismissed for it is a true reflection of Shona unfounded hatred towards Matebeles. The man has described how Matebeles are unfairly treated in Zimbabwe and justified it in a few words.

His comment is affirmatively in agreement with the behaviour and constitution of the ruling Zanupf party, and that of the opposition parties. It is in affirmative agreement with the evil Grand Plan of 1979 and its reviews.

MLO would like to unpack and dismiss lies with the contempt they deserve while the space and time allow us.
The purpose of the distortions of this peace of history is not very difficult to note and unmask, that is if you throw away "colonial blinkers."

The raids were over emphasised, over exaggerated and blown out of proportion by colonists to justify their unprovoked invasion and destruction of the sovereign state of Matabeleland that happened in 1893.

The 1890s raids can best be described as the activity of the time. There are very few kings and or nations that did not take part in the raids in the 17th century and backwards. Who in Southern Africa did not do it?

Matebeles were deliberately painted as war mongers, founders and sole perpetrators of the raids. But history has it that the whites, who distorted history for the purpose already mentioned above and the Shonas, who want the world to view them as innocent peace loving people, are not saints as far as raiding, wars and  murdering of innocent people is concerned.

Matebeles were raided many times in the 1830s by Zulus under Shaka and Dingani, Voortrekkers under Hendrik Potgieter and many other tribes in Southern Africa. In the 1850s Matebeles lost their cattle to their neighbours as they were raided by Chirumandzu in 1850 and Khama in 1856 and again in 1863.

The mother of all raids was in 1893 when an Anglo-Shona alliance invaded the kingdom of Matabeleland, killed not less than 18 000 people, destroyed the Kingdom of Matabeleand and looted 600 000 cattle, gold and diamonds from the king's palace.

By both description and appearance these were raids not christmas parties. If they are not then nothing is. Unless if one is telling us that the name of the game changes when it is Matebeles that are victims. This balanced history cannot be seen in the history books of Rhodesia and its successor state Zimbabwe because the history writers and rulers see a small peace of dust in Matebele's eye but fail to see logs in their own eyes.

Shonas also came from Zaire, Burundi and Malawi to settle in present day Zimbabwe. They should know that they are settlers in that land.

It is disheartening and very unfortunate that in the 21st century the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and its people are using the raids of the 1890s of which Matebeles are also victims, to justify the slaughter of more than 40 000 unarmed innocent Matebeles. To justify the discrimination, marginalisation, domination and hatred of the people of Matabeleland. Which country in the world has its top leaders coming from one tribe and one region?

In our neighbouring countries like Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique leaders are chosen from different regions. In Zambia we have even seen a white man taking over as president but in Zimbabwe good performance and merit give way to Shona tribalism and regionalism.

Yes Shonas are from the east of the fake state called Zimbabwe but their wisdom is questionable. They have been put to test in the last 36 years. Tried and tested but found wanting. Their failure is there for the whole world to see.

They inherited the bread basket of Africa and reduced it to the basket case of Africa within 36 years, where is the wisdom here? Not even Simbarashe Nyika is proud of Zimbabwe today. The country has crumbled economically and financially unstable. To use former South African reserve bank governor, Tito Mboweni's words , "the wheels have totally gone off"

The country is a failed state and has lost its international reputation and goodwill due to its leaders unquenchable appetite for corruption which is in the Shona DNA.

Zimbabwe has been placed at the bottom of poorest countries in the world, it tops the list of most corrupt countries in the world. Its debt is over 11 billion US dollars and growing on a daily basis. It is failing to pay the debt and failing to pay the civil servants.

The finance minister of Zimbabwe travels around the world with a begging bowl but comes back empty handed as there is no financial institution in the world is prepared to lend money to corrupt Zimbabwe that owes almost every lender in the world and failing to pay.
Is this wisdom that Simbarashe Nyika is talking about?

No! MLO sees no wisdom here but failure, selfishness and foolishness of the highest order. The right words to describe what Simbarashe Nyika terms as "wise men from the east" is fools from the east of Zimbabwe.

Matabeleland refuses to be ruled by fools from eastern Zimbabwe. We remind fellow Matebeles that the year of our independence, year 2018 is upon us. Let us be prepared to liberate ourselves from the yoke of oppression. MLO did not provide the political indices that act as pointers to our independence just for fun or to withdraw at the last minute. No! We say this is the time that demands great concentration and great courage. The time has come.

As Simbarashe suggested
Zimbabwe belongs to Shonas and Matebeleland belongs to its diverse ethnic groups that have peceafully lived together and became prosperous and envied by many including the Shona. We are proud that we even gave the Shona an identity which they use up to day.

It is a great shame and big embarrassment for matebeles to be called Zimbabweans whatever that means. We are not and will never be Zimbabweans. This was forced on us and time has come for us to get our independence and sovereignty.

Zimbabweans must begin to get used to live their lives on their own and we shall create an egalitarian nation where all our citizens shall enjoy equal opportunities and equal protection from the state and share equal duties towards the State. The Republic of Matebeleland shall be run through a devolved system of government.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

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Source - Israel Dube
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