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Open letter to prophet Magaya

05 Jul 2017 at 14:23hrs | Views
It all started in Nigeria when prophetical wave came on international radar . The church in Nigeria is one of the biggest foreign currency earners attributed to millions of foreign visitors seeking divine healing from some of the most famous prophets namely TB Joshua whose following transcends international destination. As the prophetical wave grew started to affect the continent and Zimbabwe was not left out. We have even our own Zimbabweans flying to seek the divine solution from man of God prophet TB Joshua and Prophet Walter Magaya is among the list. As the word of God in Genesis 1vs12 says ," a seed shall produce after its kind." From the time Magaya collided with the grace upon TB Joshua his ministry changed . From that time he started to do extra ordinary miracles ; the wave hit the nation , beyond borders and international community was not left out . The phenominon was so visible in the streets such that of every 5 people you meet will be talking about him. In such a wave the following for his church grew exponatioly such that the venues could not contain the swelling numbers who came seeking divine solution. As he grew famous certain public officials from civil and private society started to also track to his many meetings. That's how the PHD Ministries got to be known and was established.

As the with modern day churches the issue of partnering with ministry and church oriented projects was never left behind with regards to PHD ministries they have housing scheme projects , agriculture oriented projects , mining just to mention the few. On philanthropical note he personall assists underprivilleged people through college bursaries , funding football , food distribution etc . The mandate of the church is to assist the less previleged , hence forth the activities that PHD came famous for points them fulfilling there mandate as a church organization.

Though the track record is commendable , it is with heavy heart that there is lack of consistence in that good will . It is disturbing that concerning some members of staff in particular that those who have been tireless in the building projects (state of the art hotel , Douglas Dale housing scheme Durawall ) have gone to 4-6months without being paid salaries . Such injustices doesn't not end with no salary only but any step asking for salaries you are threatened with dismissal. As we are speaking right now all construction workers at Douglas Dale housing scheme have been suspended with no salaries. Who is wrong there is it his aides/ he is not fully informed of what is happening on the ground? Only God knows the truth ,as the word of God says ," the truth shall set us free." You are a giver Prophet Magaya , you gave to Zimbabwe national soccer team (warriors) , many underprevilleged families ; in the same way do the same to your workers. Be a center of good corporate governance and be surrounded by generous assistants and close aides . A little house fly can spoil the well baked cake, iam tipping you man of cloth. I don't hate you . I don't know how God called you. I honor and respect you as a man of God and as one of us from Mhondoro Ngezi.

Keep on doing the good work as you feed the hungry, heal sick , give shelter to the homeless ,empower those that are disadvantaged but let us not forget when Jesus died he died that our Souls would not be damned to lake of Fire.The Mandate of Salvation is still the Centre of our walk with God. Let us take the opportunity of using these earthly service to lead people to be reconciled with our Heavenly Father.The Good News is still the same it has not changed what it seeks to accomplish. Let us not be distracted by the pursuits that will not serve the Mandate of Christ. What will Profit all that follow your Ministry if all they see and are attracted to are houses,cash,influence and they see your Ministry as fostering such focus.Remember the Bible speaking on Leadership being answerable to the one whom entrusted with His Flock.Tread carefully as Paul said Lest l be a Cast Away. The Word Preached undiluted is the Anchor of the House of God. We salute your commitment to serve but do so in line with Helping God Establish His Kingdom and not any other.Hero worshipping of Man is turtamount to idolatry and we know Our Father is a jelous Father.Songs of appreaciated in any set up but let the Glory go the rightful one. As a leader let that be clear lest the congregates celebrate the vessel and not the Potter. I didn't say you are not a man of God or fight the anointing upon you sir is just observation of setting fundamentals as we are helping each other as children of God. Tomorow it will be me who need advice / clarity/ direction in line with what God says in his word that we are our brothers keeper.

Shalom Shalom

Enos Denhere is a member of a formative think tank that seeks to build a vibrant Zimbabwe and Africa society through youth mobilization in social economic empowerment. Enos is willing to participate in nation building and entrepreneurs' forums.


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Source - Enos Denhere
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