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MDC-T's disregard of Labour Laws appalling

03 Aug 2017 at 07:09hrs | Views
Thank you Editor for publishing my letter.

My party MDC-T has let me down so much so that it is embarrassing to be associated with it.

Recently, we suffered the ignominy of having party property attached by the sheriff, following failure by the party to honour salary and benefits arrears to the tune of US$1.1 million.

It is disgusting that as a labour movement, the MDC-T has failed to adhere to the country's labour laws, which seek to protect the rights of workers. MDC-T is a party that was birthed from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, (ZCTU), a workers' movement. It boggles the mind what power can achieve, surely it corrupts absolutely. How the champion of workers' rights, Morgan Tsvangirai, can in a matter of a few years in politics, mutate into such a brazen workers' rights abuser is mind boggling – power corrupts absolutely.

The party management has failed to ensure our workers' job security and has also dismally failed to improve the women's conditions of service with allegations of sexual harassment at Harvest House so rife, while others have been victims of brutal beatings for asking for their dues.

Last week, Harvest House was wiped clean of all property and was shut down as no business could be carried out without the attached property. The party is broke because of leaders who do not have direction due to muddled priorities both politically, and financially.

Our leaders are bent on advancing selfish ends, it is a rude awakening for party supporters, no wonder the cries of donor fatigue who would invest in such a shambolic party. As a principled person who believes the party should not only preach human rights discourse, but should be seen to be observing them too, it is worth my while to reconsider political options in the country, as the MDC-T has failed.

Prosperity Mzila, Mutorashanga

Source - Prosperity Mzila, Mutorashanga
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