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I shed Tears on KFC Zimbabwe story

07 Aug 2017 at 13:32hrs | Views
Today I shed tears when I looked at those innocent faces of the unemployed youth being chased from KFC. So desperate. So hopeless. So helpless. The fake social media advert made them walk that long distance from town and even from townships with the hope of getting employment.

Yet my tears were not because of their faces of desperation. My tears were due to the acute pain I felt when I heard that KFC recruited from Harare. Maybe this fake advert has become a blessing to KFC. Maybe they did not know that they were an unemployed youth in Bulawayo now they know. Maybe they did not know that thousands of school leavers are yearning for an opportunity to eke a living. I hope they now understand the evil of tribalism. The evil of segregation and discrimination. KFC joins the infamous list of TM in Cowdry Park some time ago, Chicken Slice which had funny Ndebele spellings, and a host of other companies that have deliberately sidelined our people.

Last week there was a message circulating on a social media about a Bulawayo supposedly English daily paper that now publishes in Shona. The message encouraged advertisers to avoid this paper and encouraged readers to cancel their subscriptions. There is indeed hope for the people of Bulawayo. The unity is amazing and we thank sincerely the team at Bulawayo24 News for giving us such a platform. I encourage Bulawayo24 News to create space for adverts and donations so that the efforts are financially supported. There is a need for a roll of shame for these companies so that an effective boycott is mounted. I call upon all pressure groups to compile a list starting with KFC so that together we can fight and win this battle. On Sunday I cancelled a family outing to KFC after news of their sidelining of Bulawayo youths started circulating. I explained to my eager teens why they could not go to eat there, and I was surprised that they fully understood and even vowed never to set foot there.  "They don't love us but our money", they screamed in unison.

N. Sibanda

Source - N. Sibanda
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