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Chamisa wants to bulldoze his way to State House

10 Aug 2018 at 07:48hrs | Views

Its well choreographed, well planned but poorly executed! Truly, I say to you Zimbabweans demons have been unleashed upon our country and lady Macbeth is doing all she can to once again grace power and live the flamboyance life she was used to. Unfortunately, the wise Crocodile is not taking the bait. Recall the joyous celebrations that ensued Bob's resignation, echoes were heard all over Zimbabwe and even beyond. It's a fact Bob resigned in the face of impeachment whose consequences he knew were too daunting to contemplate.

A very unfortunate event happened soon after Bob's demise and this marked the beginning of a well planned and calculated anarchism, barbarism, chaos and violence as lady Macbeth saw an opportunity to once again grace the corridors of power. In February we lost a true democratic leader, a leader with a passion for people and not power, a leader who sacrificed a lot for the benefit of the oppressed masses, a leader who was humble and not pompous, a leader who was in touch with the poor and not the elite, a leader who would accept personal embarrassment in a bid to preserve the lives of his supporters. RIP Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. The evil lady Macbeth then seized this opportunity to push for her devilish agenda and since then it has been violence after violence.

From nowhere N.C proclaimed himself the president of MDC when all true democrats were expecting one humble and gracious Dr T.K to take over since she was the rightfully heir. Let's not be academic about it but accept facts as they are. The demons which were unleashed resulted in bloodbath during R.M.T's funeral and Dr T.K and others escaped death by a whisker. Lady Macbeth knew that with the principled Dr T. K at the helm she had no chance of gracing power so she she was using the easily manipulated but over ambitious young man. Using millions of ill gotten wealth most democrats were brought to blindly support this young man. Surely money is the root of all evils no wonder Judas Iscariot sold out Jesus.

Zim elections were very peaceful, free and fair and the people made their rightful choices. From the onset MDC Alliance didn't want the elections to be held making several unreasonable demands and using hate language during their crusade all in a an attempt to make ZANU PF angry. Respectable members were insulted in a typical Jonso style. Remember how Justice Chigumba was humiliated by baba Jukwa, surely the devil knows no shame. Soon after the peaceful elections and sensing the impending defeat the senceless MDC Alliance started demanding announcement of results forgetting it was a process and not an event. The senseless people upped their tempo inciting people to rise against ZEC for purposes of disrupting the announcement of the results. Innocent people were sacrificed as hard currency was used to fuel this anarchism. All this was well calculated, well planned and executed in a bid to try and tarnish E.D, Chiwenga and ZANU PF at large.

Its high time for Zimbabweans and all true democrats to wake up and smell the coffee. The aroma is very clear, a third force is behind all this and I bet my last bond coin its all coming from Lady Macbeth Dr Gucci. Please for the sake of peace stop being used as pawns in this political game by this devil serpent. Let sanity prevail for the devil cannot prosper forever. Those politicians who are willingly and knowingly breaking the law must face justice instead of seeking asylum. No one is above the law and justice must be seen to be done. Surely the devil and not God is in STOP IT!

True Patriot

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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