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Open letter to the president Mnangagwa

14 Nov 2018 at 20:25hrs | Views
Dear  ED,

It is with great disappointment, broken heart and shattered dreams that I write to you as the Head of this great state Zimbabwe. Today marks a complete year since the former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe was removed from office during a coup which indeed seemed like a coup, smelled like a coup but as your junta government said was not a coup and I having been one of the millions who rejoiced over RG's demise as we as Zimbabweans welcomed your ascendance to the throne with sincere open hands as you represented a new world order. Mr President the day you took your oath of office at the National sports stadium you carried our dreams and hopes which you have now shattered.

I write to you in a catastrophic state of melancholy as I watch you blunder our great nation.

I write to you in deep regret as I miss the days of Robert's leadership. Mr President I write to you with an inquisitive mind set wondering what happened to the campaign promises what happened to the bread and butter which we were promised as we cheered your slogans and as we screamed "ED PFEE" during your campaign rallies.

Is it perhaps time Mr President to keep you safe and sound while we target criminals around you? Is it time my dear president to call for your resignation ?.

You have betrayed the nation Mr President you have shattered our dreams and hopes because while you and your family are comfortable your ivory towers typical Zimbabweans are failing to buy bread because of the prices hikes, while your deputies fly to neighboring for their medical issues, typical Zimbabweans are dying in hospitals as the collapsed health sector fails to provide drugs needed and basic equipment needed to save lives, while your children study abroad typical Zimbabweans are dropping out of universities, and while you order vehicles for your MPs and party cadres typical Zimbos are dying in their homes because there are no ambulances nor fuels because you have failed us typical Zimbos you have failed the nation. We need jobs jobs jobs and jobs again.

We economic prosperity and political freedom.

Your  faithfully

Source - Mberi Prince
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